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Are you a prospective student of one the Nation’s prominent university? Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Courses. ABU as fondly called is one the nation’s pride when it comes to University Education due to its vast academic programs. If you have chosen or want to make the university your first choice in the forth coming UTME, then you are on track and we have decided to make it easier for you in terms of the available courses offered in the university.


The establishment of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) began in 1961 following the recommendation of the Ashby Commission on “Post-School Certificate and Higher Education in Nigeria”. A Law establishing a Provisional Council for the University was passed by the Legislature of Northern Nigeria in April while the Council itself was constituted in November, 1961, under the Chairmanship of the Hon. Shettima Kashim, CBE, who later became Sir Kashim Ibrahim KCMG, CBE. Sir Norman Stanley Alexander, a New Zealander and a Professor of Physics at the University College, Ibadan, was appointed the First Principal, later Vice-Chancellor, of the University in July and he assumed office in November, 1961.

Ahmadu Bello University began full operation in 1962, on the cites of these educational institutions: the defunct Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology, founded in 1955; the Clerical Training Centre, Kongo, founded in 1957; the Samaru Agricultural Research Station, established in  1924, and the Shika Livestock Farm, started in 1928. The University was named after SirAhmadu Bello (1901-1966), “the Sardauna of Sokoto” and the Premier of Northern Nigeria. As the first Chancellor of the’ University, Sir Ahmadu Bello performed its Opening Ceremony on the 4th of October, 1962. In 1975, the University was taken over by the Federal Government through a Decree (the Ahmadu Bello University [Transitional] Provisions Decree of 1975), thus becoming a Federal University. It is believed to have the most beautiful campus in Nigeria.


Here are the list of complete courses offered in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria| ABU Courses


 Faculty of Administration (ABU) Courses




Business Administration


L G & Development Studies


Public Administration


 Faculty of Agriculture (ABU) Courses


Agric Econs & Rural Sociology




Animal Science


Crop Protection


Plant Science


Soil Science


 Faculty of Arts (ABU) Courses


African Languages and Cultures














Theatre & Performing Arts



Faculty of Education (ABU) Courses


Arts and Social Science Education    Educational Foundation & Curriculum


Educational Psychology & Counselling


Library and Information Science


Physical and Health Education


Science Education


Vocational and Technical Education


 Faculty of Engineering (ABU) Courses


Agricultural Engineering


Chemical Engineering


Civil Engineering


Electrical & Computer Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Metallurgical Engineering


Water Resources & Environmental Engineering


 Faculty of Environmental Design (ABU) Courses






Fine Arts




Industrial Design


Quantity Surveying


Urban and Regional Planning


 Faculty of Law (ABU) Courses


Civil Law


Commercial Law


Private Law


Public Law


Sharia Law


 Faculty of Medicine (ABU) Courses




Chemical Pathology


Community Medicine


Dental Surgery


Haematology and Blood Transfusion


Human Anatomy


Human Physiology


Medical Microbiology




Nursing Science


Obsterics and Gynecology






Pathology (Morbid Anatomy)








Traumatic and Orthopeadic Surgery


Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science


Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Practice


Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry


Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Microbiology


Pharmacognosy & Drug Development


Pharmacology and Therapeutics


Faculty of Sciences (ABU) Courses




Biological Sciences
















Textile Science & Technology


 Faculty of Social Science (ABU) Courses




Mass Communication


Political Science




Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (ABU) Courses


Theriogenology and Production


Veterinary Anatomy


Veterinary Medicine


Veterinary Parasitology and Entomology


Veterinary Pathology and Microbiology


Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology


Veterinary Physiology


Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Do you want to futher your education to the post graduate level at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria? You can also find out the list of numerous courses offered at ABU and entry requirements into the post graduate school.