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Our Journey Moving from PROJECTS.ng to ProjectsTopic.com and Now Back to PROJECTS.ng – What we Learnt!

Project Topics and Materials
In a nutshell, it was adventurous but it ended in Praise. We cried for a very long time, but then, we learn every day. First of all, glory be to God Almighty for His Guidance and Love throughout this process. It wasn't an easy one but He saw us through. It all started on the 3rd of May, 2019, 3 days after I shared my story of 'How I Started PROJECTS.ng and did ₦800,000 in 5 Months'. In that article, I had talked about how we were getting an interesting number of International clients. So, I asked for people's opinion on whether we should move to a .com domain name in other to gain even more international presence and in return more clients. I got a lot of suggestions regarding this, and at the end, I decided to move from .ng to .com because it seemed more profitable going forward. My brethren, it was at this stage that I made my...

SMS.com.ng, Bulk SMS Platform that Delivers to DND Numbers in Nigeria Without Extra Charges

Here is Why I Built Another Mobile Marketing (Bulk SMS) Platform, SMS.com.ng Let’s be quick on this. The business is very profitable (ego dị na ya nwanne).I needed to go from scratch and be independent of any particular company to render my services.I wanted to deliver bulk SMS to all Networks including DND numbers and ensure 99.99% delivery rate.I needed to add more enticing features.I wanted to be unlimited. I don’t want to write a long story today because today is Sunday and you probably should be eating some chicken somewhere now. Nevertheless, let me give you an overview. 1. THE BUSINESS IS PROFITABLE So, I started appwebSMS, my first bulk SMS platform in July 2016 and today, we have over 5,000 paying customers and 8,000 mobile app downloads. We make an average profit of NGN 1.00 per unit sold because we get the...

How I Started PROJECTS.ng and Did Over NGN 800,000 in 5 Months (See the 10 Case Studies) – Frank Umeadi

Project Topics and Materials
KEY STATS as of 30th, April 2019. Revenue: Over NGN 800,000 Unit Sales: Over 250 Published Materials/Works: Over 3,500 Alexa Global Rank: 415,739 Email Subscribers: Over 1,000 Staff: 2 Full-time and 4 Contract Average Daily Page Views: 1,500 Domain Authority (DA): 22 NGN 800,000 in 5 months may be relatively too little but this could be some high morale and motivation to keep you and I moving. In this story of mine, I will be sharing with you some practical killer guides on how I managed to do this, step-by-step with no step skipped. This is only for learning purposes. Below is a quick view of what I will be sharing with you today. You may want to grab a cup of coffee and be chilling while we run this show together. What PROJECTS.ng is all about. How I researched the market and found some interesting revenue...