In a nutshell, it was adventurous but it ended in Praise. We cried for a very long time, but then, we learn every day.

First of all, glory be to God Almighty for His Guidance and Love throughout this process. It wasn’t an easy one but He saw us through.

It all started on the 3rd of May, 2019, 3 days after I shared my story of ‘How I Started and did ₦800,000 in 5 Months’.

In that article, I had talked about how we were getting an interesting number of International clients. So, I asked for people’s opinion on whether we should move to a .com domain name in other to gain even more international presence and in return more clients.

I got a lot of suggestions regarding this, and at the end, I decided to move from .ng to .com because it seemed more profitable going forward.

My brethren, it was at this stage that I made my worst decision of 2019.

Before changing from .ng to .com, we were averaging 1,500 views to our website daily and were doing an average of ₦9,000 in pure profits daily. But as soon as I moved to the new domain name, our average daily views dropped to 300. That was bad.

Kindly note that we did all the necessary 301 redirections and they were properly done. We also used the Change of Address tool in Google Search Console to notify Google that our website has moved, so, I thought we wouldn’t lose our SEO juice and we should pick up in a very little time.

NO! I didn’t guess right. 2 weeks gone, there was no single sign of recovery. 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and 5 months there was no show. Our sales dropped to ₦3,000 in 10 days.

I was really very worried. Like I went from 1,500 views to 300 views (₦9,000 daily to ₦3,000 in 10 days) just like that?

At this stage, I started looking for solutions. It was at this point that I found out that Google’s Change of Address tool was moved by Google from their old Webmaster Tool to the new Google Search Console 2 days after I had set up the change of address. This meant that my change of address notification to Google was not saved all these while, and it hindered our progress.

I felt bad, but I had no other option than to set up the change of address again. This time it was saved properly. But was it really my problem? I had to find out in a painful way.

9 months later, we were still averaging 300 views daily.

NO! NO! NO! I was not happy any longer. I started looking for solutions once more. My brothers and sisters, I started praying for God’s grace and wisdom at this juncture.

So, one night (January 30th, 2020), at around 12:30 AM. I woke up with some inner voice full of confidence saying, change back to

That was a bold voice. Initially, I was afraid that I may lose everything this time around, but no, this voice was so bold. I had to listen.

I moved our primary domain name from .com back to .ng that midnight with my fingers crossed.

I could not sleep again, but I slept.

My brothers and sisters! Come and rejoice with me!

I woke up that morning and checked our stats, I was seeing about 500 views. What? This early morning? I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It was true. By the end of that day, we had 2,000 views and sold 4 materials (₦12,000) that day.

My Lord, you are so good to me.

Do you know the best part? From the next day, we started getting over 5,000 views daily and increasing day-on-day. Sales have tripled and we now average ₦15, 000 daily. That’s not the biggest, but we are grateful to God at this level.

We now get clients looking to Hire a Writer. If you now search ‘Hire a Project Writer in Nigeria’, we are number one on Google.

We are now back to some top spot of Google Searches.

I remember asking John Mueller of Google Webmaster, about my problem via a Twitter mention, and he said it’s better to maintain one domain name over a very long time for SEO.

I don’t know if that was the case with us, but all I can say now is Thank You, Jesus!

Thank you all for being there for me all these while. Thank you all for your opinions. As I pray, I earnestly solicit your prayers, and I pray that the good seed we all sow together may never die.


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  1. I thank God for you guys.
    The Lord will continue to be your strengths… 😎🤓

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