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The research work was carried out to ascertain how knowledgeable Radiographers are on the prospects of entrepreneurial venture in the field of Medical Imaging, the  challenges facing some of them from setting up their own Radiodiagnostic centre. It was carried out amongst practising Radiographers within Enugu Metropolis. Data was collected using questionnaire that were distributed to the Radiographers. Tables, frequencies and Percentages and a Bar chart was used in the analysis. It was revealed that a greater percentage of  Radiographers  are Knowledgeable about the Prospects of entrepreneurial ventures but some are faced with the major challenge of competition and fear of the (unknown).which has been a militating factor  to the setting up of  many private Radiodiagnostic centre across the Federation




People use the terms “entrepreneur” and “entrepreneurship” interchangeably. The entrepreneur is the person who starts his own business. The exact definition of “entrepreneurship” still remains a vague concept,  that is why there are different postulates from different scholars.


The definition of entrepreneur, derived from the French word entreprendre (to undertake) refers to the undertaking of an enterprise of purpose, particularly one that requires the ability to engage in risks and daring activities1. This mindset of leadership provides framework and motivation for daily activities.

The entrepreneur as a person brings in overall change through innovation for the maximum social good2. Human values remain sacred and inspire him to serve the society. He has firm belief in social betterment and he carries out this responsibility with conviction. In this process, he accelerates personal, economic as well as human development. The entrepreneur is a visionary and an integrated man with outstanding leadership qualities2. With a desire to excel, he gives top priority to Research and Development. He always works for the well-being of the society. More importantly, entrepreneurial activities encompass many professions and foster a spirit of enterprise for the welfare of mankind; an example of such kind is entrepreneurial venture in the field of Medical Radiography.

In the healthcare sector, Medical Imaging  is growing very fast and there is opportunity for Radiographers in the profession to establish an entrepreneurial venture . The complex nature of health care demands that Physicians and other health professional develop an understanding of the business of medicine.

However, it is a pity that there is no adequate exposure to  some adaptive mechanism necessary to help prospective Radiographer Entrepreneurs to adapt and survive to some of the harsh challenges in entrepreneurship , which has in no small way led to a poor concept of some Radiographers towards the prospects and benefits of entrepreneurship.3

Medical Imaging is a big business involving millions of hard-earned money and managing it is quite challenging. Establishing an outpatient Medical Imaging Centre with Computed Tomography(CT) and Conventional Radiological Units involves million of cash which may be borrowed. Despite huge investments in cash and efforts, business success in medical imaging is not automatic, as private Medical Imaging practice is fraught with a lot of problems such as poor infrastructure, unstable economic climate, lack of government incentives and poor managerial skills4, which has led to bad attitude of some radiographers’ towards entrepreneurial venture.

However, there has been some militating factors (lack of finance, government unfavourable policies, societal and cultural problems to mention but a few) which has in no small way posed as a challenge to the Medical Imaging scientist and has invariably affected some of these Professionals in having the wrong mindset and concept towards what entrepreneurial ventures entails, its prospects and benefits in the field of Medical Imaging.


In conclusion, if  Radiographers’ can look pass beyond these limiting factors highlighted above and be able to envisage and have a good foresight on the prospects and benefits of entrepreneurial ventures one can tap in the field of Medical Imaging ,then  the Profession would be escalated to a higher degree of level in terms of job creation ,revenue generations ,innovations and lots of other prospects one can think of, which would invariably create breed of radiographers that would have the right concept towards entrepreneurial venture in the field of Medical Imaging.



1)     There  seem  to  be  dearth of knowledge  on  the  concept of entrepreneurship  probably because  of  limited  information available to the Radiographer .




2)     Starting a radiologic or radiographic imaging centre is capital intensive which seem to limit  Radiographers   proactiveness  .


3)       There is paucity of  knowledge on the part of Radiographers on  business    management skills .


4)       Establishing  a  Radiodiagnostic  clinic  has been   confronted by   many factors(fear of unknown, competition  e.t.c),could these be the case of Radiographers’  under consideration



  • To assess how knowledgeable Radiographers are on the concept of entrepreneurship  as it relates to Medical Imaging.
  • To create awareness about capital accessibility for prospective Radiographer entrepreneurs
  • To assess the knowledge of Radiographers in terms of business
  • To ascertain the pivotal/primary factors which seem to hinder the establishment of Radiodiagnostic centre for the target population


  • For Radiographers to have the right concept towards the prospects for entrepreneurship in the field of Medical Imaging.
  • For Radiographers to be more goal oriented especially when it comes to entrepreneurial ventures.
  • For more prospective Radiographer entrepreneurs to have the necessary managerial skills in running an entrepreneurial venture in the Field of Medical Imaging.
  • For more Radiographers that would be able to face the competitive nature of business ventures which comes with establishing a Radiodiagnostic in the field of Medical Imaging to emerge


The research  work  was  carried out at  UNTH , NOHE , AND,  ESUTH. The  three tertiary Hospitals within  Enugu Metropolis.


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