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In the society at large Technology is fast replacing the crude method of carrying out work and has been making room for employment. Besides, it has also caught the attention of the youths who will prefer to work in a company with technological operations than one with man-power operations. This project can be used to convey materials ranging from those in powdery forms grit forms, and stones in the size of crushed granites. If applied to the foundry technology practical (sand mould) under gone by the department. The lecture will experience ease in carrying out his lecture as well as satisfaction since there would not be lack of sand as this can be seen to, by an attendant and the lectures will have all the student of the Department in attendance.




Title page                                                                                ii

Little of transmittal                                                                 iii

Release                                                                                    iv

Signature                                                                                 v

Approval                                                                                 vi

Dedication                                                                               vii

Acknowledgement                                                                             viii

Table of content                                                                      ix

Abstract                                                                                  xi


1.1     Introductions                                                                 1

1.2     Description of the screw conveyor                                2


2.1    Mode of operation                                                                   4

2.2     Material selections                                                         6


3.1     design                                                                            7

3.2     design analysis                                                               7

3.3     principle of operation                                                    9

3.4     capacity of the screw conveyor                                               10

3.5     sequence of operation/ construction                              11


4.1     assembling of the conveyor                                           37

4.2     cost analysis                                                                  38

CHAPTER FIVE                  

5.1     conclusions                                                                              41

5.2     recommendations                                                                    41

5.3     references                                                                                 42






This is any of various devices that provide mechanized movement of materials as in a factory; they are used principally in industrial applications but also on large forms in warehousing and freight handling, and in movement of law materials. They may be only a few meters in length or they may be in regretted systems several miles along.

Also, it could said to be a family of materials handling machine designed to move individual articles of solid.

Free flowing bulk materials over a fixed horizontal, inclined, declined or vertical path of travel with continuous motion.



This is a conveyor consisting of a helical screw that rotates upon a single shaft within a stationary tough or casing, and which can move bulk material along a horizontal, inclined or vertical plane. It is also known as AUGER CONVEYOR, SPIRAL CONVEYOR. AND WORM CONVEYOR.

The idea to build this project dawned on us during our practical on the course January technology. We (the students) in ought in sand for a mould practical which was screened by the lecturer and the appropriate ones selected for the practical to be carried out.

This project is necessary because it will did the lecturer in his lesson as well as stop the stress being put on students to go out and dig up sand for the practical.

The need for this project is to convey sand lactated in a strong facility through the conveyor to the point of use. These builds up on eagerness or learn in the students with the project being a point of interest.



Screw conveyors consist of revolving shafts with a continuous or broken spiral fighting that operates insides a casing. This is powered by an electric motor and suitable gearing, the screw conveyor usually operates in one direction only to move fine bulk material such as meal, seed, coal, etc from one point to another point.



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