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Cover page

Title page





Table of objective


1.0     Introduction

1.1     Aim and Objective

1.2     Significance of study

1.3     Limitation


2.0     Literature Review

2.1     Heating element

2.2     Transformer

2.3     Electrical energy and temperature

2.4     Definition of components


3.0     Material

3.1     Circuit diagram of the transformer

3.2     Diagram of automatic polytheme sealing and cutting machine

3.3     Method of construction


4.0     Operation of the machine

4.1     Testing and result

4.2     Resistance of the heating element

4.3     Output power of the machine table 1

4.4     Determination of the input power of the machine

4.5     Graph of output power against input power

4.6     Conclusion

4.7     Recommendation





Polyphone Automatic sealing and cutting machine is a machine that is used simuanously to seal and cut polyphone into different sizes depending on the required dimension. Polyphone is a type of synthetic rubber widely used often as transference sheets for water proof packaging.

Traders in the market require polyphone bags in packaging commodities for their customer. The same material can be made in various shapes as long as packaging of goods is concerned. There is obvious need for diversification of the Nigeria economy. We can start by producing some simple machine so that scare of foreign exchange can be conserved for more need and essential goods.

It will also enable Nigerians manufacture to expand their industries there by making price of products relatively cheaper compared with the imported ones and at fordable to majority of Nigerians.

Developed countries like Japan started by producing simple machine using the abundant local raw material for the manufacture of goods can also be exported in order to earn foreign exchange rather than exporting the raw material.

There is great need to improve on the technological advancement in the country since, she is blessed with abundant material and human resources which need to be tapped for useful purposed. In plastic industry the machine that are required to process than into usable products can still be manufactured locally.

This is the more behind the production of this simple machine (Automatic polythene sealing and cutting machine) that will enable the already processed polythene products to be used in many useful ways. Such as parceling and packaging of goods foodstuffs and over in kitchen as a substitute for moi – moi foil.

This shows that the machine is one that is indispensable in the food processing and confectionery industries.



The aim of this project is to designed and fabricate a machine that will automatically and simultamouly seal and cut sheets of polyphone into a required from. The machine is designed to compete to some extent with international standard. The project is also necessary because it is a test of practical knowledge of student. It also help to prepare student to face the practical problem that they may meet in the field. It is also expected that through such projects student will get more acquainted with material identification and selection. It help in building more knowledge in student about machine development.

When this types of project is improved upon it will contribute much in helping our nations over dependence on foreign countries for provision of goods and machine.



With the cost of exchange rate to import goods from abroad. The design and fabrication of the machine locally will increase the technological know how of the nation. The machine will be available to trades who don’t have money to purchase imported ones.



There was some problems encountered during the progress of the project work. . The voltage fluctuation, which is sometimes below the required input voltage of 240v AC it reduces. The heating of the together wire and movement of the electric motor. The case of souring at the materials used because of the cost of purchase and construction.




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