This study was carried at to verify all the manual processes involved in personnel database management for a tertiary institution and to seek for away of automating the system for effective operations.

Since there is continuous advancement, high productivity of labour and operations is best using machines in this revolution. An indispensable tools; computer and its application; resolving the area where the attraction is needed.

In this project, the software engineering principles were applied in the analysis, design, coding, and testing of the software.

In the development of the software, visual basic programming language was used due to it’s enhanced graphic features and a manual is also provided. At the and what was tended to resolve was achieved and at the same time it is user friend (i.e. object oriented).






Database is a standard term covering computer based services, which provide information in response in specific requests from users. The data may stored in documents, microforms or computer code text and graphics (user interface) for references.

Database management as regards to personnel information system evaluate the process of managing and monitoring employee or members of an organization as a means of gaining maximum efficiency. As the organization benefit or offer to the public on subscription basis; the output services is either a physical document or computer data presented, say on a video display unit.

Further more, the information is data/stored to a disk; perhaps is when the user supplies then is to locate a copy of the document and deliver it to the user. More after than not, however information need are expressed or outputted in terms of request for data, such as how many employee are being eroded in the organization? Or what is the salary level of an employee? – To answer such question reference must be made to records such questions, reference must be made to records stored as the computer coded data. This involve searching and retrieval of records stored on disk.


The institute of management and technology has her inception on October 1971 and later after promulgated on July 1, 1973; nevertheless, the institute had being in existence as a two separate collages that is the collage of technology and institute of administration but joined together are now the institute of management and technology; also their separate two workers are joined together and managed in consonance with their assets.



Due to the inefficiency surrounding the manual database management in the personnel department, it was felt that a study of this nature will clarify the causes of the problems being faced by the concerned departments and to map out the necessary solutions/or measures and techniques to the problem.

As to regarding this solution, the manual processing of personnel information was found to be cumbersome, tedious and ineffective which lead to inaccurate  and unreliable results. It is the ail of this work therefore, to remedy this ugly situation by making the task involved to be easy and effective thereby making provision for accuracy and reliability of this result.

More also, this work has the objective of correcting all the mistakes being while operating a manual made; that storage and retrieval encounter delay of storing and retrieving information to work with.

Lastly, loss of file are encounter and this work is has the objective of retrieving or stopping invasion by intruders to the database system.



There has been this problem of too much work for the personnel officers in the institute. Owing to the growing population of staff in the institution, the personnel department is faced with hips of file. At times, sorting out a particular staff file takes almost a month.

Also there has been cases of missing files due to lack of security in the office and the poor filling system in use, the personnel files at times get lost and it then becomes difficult to access the concerned staff information.

More also, the two much files could tend to unreliable results as to sorting a particular level of record as to its range or conforming to a particular request of arrangement.



The purpose of the study is to design and implementation of a computerized personnel database management.



The importance of this study to the organization are as follows:

  1. It will help to give employees the elementary knowledge as how computer can be used to store and retrieve information.
  2. The software developed will help to create and store information about the IMT staff. This information can be retrieved at any time by the users for decision making.
  • Adequate security is offered to the information stored to avoid alteration by wrong users. This is done through the use of pass word to protect the information.
  1. It is easy to obtain information or locate a particular employee in that organization by retrieving information concerning him from the system.



Owing to the study of this nature, I would like to accumulate data from many areas (that is, territory institutions). But, in-view of the length of time allowed for this is  a research, such as a wide range of sample study will be   external difficult, so I therefore concentrated this field work with in Enugu; precisely, limitating it to IMT Enugu as a case study.

Besides, there were many other problems that hindered when executing this research work.

Financial constraint: As a student, there was not enough capital to spend in transport and fact finding and borrowing of necessary literature that would have helped in the working of this research work.

Management constraint: The respondent, especially the branch officers, did not co-operate as was expected. Also, the worker in the different departments visited were as well relevant in answering some of the questions asked.

All this problems not withstanding did not prevent the continuation of the research work.



This is the method or design, I employed in caring out this research work. It includes:

The population for the study

The population of the entire employee of IMT Enugu is about seven hundred (700) employees – who works randomly in other various departments.



Since the entire number of employees is about seven hundred employees, but instead of studying the entire population, there is about 50 departments of employee having in each about 7 – 15 minimum workers; so I, the researcher decide to take 2 employee at random for each department.




The instrument I, employed for the research fact finding or collection is oral interview.

Instrument for data analysis

The instrument / used for data analysis include

  • Percentage
  • Range
  • Choosing
  • Stratification


There is a 70% response rate because both of the head staff of the department of personnel responded to the interview with about eight out-of twelve workers in the department. The technique employed were the percentage for interview responds and hypothesis.



This study has been organized in seven chapters:

Chapter one trashed out the background of study, statements of the problem, purpose of study, scope of study, methodology, justification for the new system.

Chapter two reviewed the related literature while chapter three dealt with description analysis of the existing system, reference of writing text, input analysis, problem of the existing system.

Chapter four presented the design of new system as output specification and design, procedure chart, system flowchart and system requirement.

Chapter five dealt with the implementation of the problem design, program flow chart, pseudocodes, sources listing and test run.

Chapter six was documentation while chapter seven being the last chapter and conclusion of the work, after which followed by the reference.





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