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This project aims at automating the examination supervision scheduling of the institute of management and technology, Enugu.

An in-dept study made on the existing system of the case study and it’s automation cannot be over emphasized result showed that the existing manual system in use was inadequate in many ways ranging from time wasted and labour lost to waster of funds.

Therefore, a need for automation is eminent to effect reduction in these wastes of resources.

This work outlines are emphasizing on how information concerning exams supervision scheduling in IMT can be collected processed and stored using the computer system. When this is invented and implemented will in turn help to reduce to a great extent the stress and errors usually encountered during supervision scheduling in the Institute of Management and Technology, (IMT) Enugu.

In other words, the only solution to this nagging problem of frequent errors in exam supervisor scheduling, co-ordination and time table arrangement is getting the system automated. This means that information of various types and sizes, several manually operated systems should be computerized for efficiency, accuracy and speed.















The supervisor of exams in most cases has negative effect on both the students and the lecturers. the students sometimes feels reluctant in leering for exams hall early because when they might have spent times, ignore some useful chores at home, some even goes as far as leaving food just to make sure they are at the exam hall on time, only for them to find out that hours after they come as the exact time scheduled for the exam, the supervisor has not yet come. This also can cause poor result on the side of the students because after the time wasted, much waiting for the supervisor energy wasted, weakness due to rushing, the student finds out the he/she can no longer concentrate to write, most of the things read might be lost at that time.

The introduction of computer in examination supervision scheduling will be a breakthrough to the pitfalls mentioned above.



The task of examination supervision in Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu is manually executed at present and supervision scheduling is prepared and pasted at the notice board same way. Some of the problems encountered in the manual system includes: –

  1. Errors in sitting supervisors to their venue of supervision.
  2. Delay of supervisions time table
  3. Insufficient writing materials in the supervision hall
  4. Late arrival of the supervision to the examination hall
  5. Insufficient supervisor in the examination hall of much students.
  6. Student’s late coming to exams

In this work, the above –mentioned problems are solved in the following order

  1. Analysis of the existing system
  2. Design of a new system.



The study of the existing system is aimed at automating the manually operated procedures of examination scheduling in terms of supervision. This helps to eliminate much worked on the examination supervision scheduling officials and time fine preparation. It is also aimed at making the process of computation very easy and to produce a stable and reliable report for the management.

This computerized system of operation will in turn reduce much cost on examination procedures thereby, being cost effective.




The study is significant in the sense that the researcher is aimed at achieving the following: –

  1. Provision of an efficient computer-based system for documentation, updating and retrieval of data about students examination procedures in terms of halls and supervision.
  2. To alleviation fear in students due to unreliability of manual script.
  3. Elimination of ignorance on how to prepare and pass supervision scheduling out.
  4. To reduce tool on workers and to enhance speed.



The researcher is based on finding the easiest way of scheduling examination supervision in IMT Enugu.

This research involves programs that are written in Q BASIC programming Language to aid computerize the examination supervision scheduling.



There are uncontrollable factors that acted as constraints to the efforts of the researcher. Those factors includes the following: –

Time: –

The research task is a big one and requires time and energy. It is done during the final semester which is a critical time for the students whereby the student will be preparing seriously for his/her final exams and at the same time carrying out research work on the case study for the project.

Finance: –

Financial constraint is the most limiting factor. Due to financial problems, I was not able to afford all the needed materials.


It is assumed that all the programs inputted to the computer system for computing the examination procedures are perfectly in order. It is assumed that computerization of examination supervision scheduling software system will promote accuracy and efficiency of examination supervision. Computerization of examination procedures is the easiest way of printing exams and records. It is assumed that examination supervision scheduling script produced with computer contains less error.



  1. A Computer: – A computer may be defined as a device that works under the control of stored programs, automatically accepted data to produce information which is the result of the processing. When the computer processes data, it actually performs a number of separated functions as follows: –
    1. Input: – The computer accepts external data for internal use.
    2. Output: – The computer produces data from within for external use.
    3. Storage: – The computer holds data internally during and after processing.
    4. Processing: – The computer performs operation on the data which it holds within previously supplied instructions and making the examination supervision scheduling output available when desired.
  2. IBM: – International Business Machine. A computer producing company.
  3. Basic: – Beginners All – Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.
  4. Program: – Program is used to make the computer perform a specific task such a calculating interest to be paid to savings account holders or producing a payroll.
  5. Software: – Is the general term used to describe all the various programs that may be used on a system.
  6. Printer: Printer is an output device used to obtain a hardcopy of what is done on the computer system.
  7. Data: Data are raw facts. They concepts little or no meaning to the programmer because they are not processed.
  8. Information: -Information are processed data. Information is very paramount in system design and analysis.
  9. Display unit: – Display unit displays work done on the computer system for appreciation of work done. It helps to obtain the softcopy of the work done.



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