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The demand to acquire knowledge or to learn has risen, thus, the present technology had gone a
long way to provided means to learn, irrespective of the distance or the location of the e-lcarner
and source of information. This is achieved through electronic sharing of information and virtual
classroom. However, virtual classroom and text based e- learning is a system design to help student
gain access and acquire knowledge in any university of their choice. This method of learning will
enhance face-to-face instruction or campus, use of computer in classrooms and elicitation of
information with the World Wide Web (WWW) enhanced distance education (on or off campus).

Individual and group learning with both print and ith all these, virtual
classroom and test based e-learning knowledge is moving towards every students and stall ol
Adcleke University (for instance) being an e- learner at least for part of their study, this could be
through learning materials e- mails contacting tutors or submitting assignment, the use of website
for research or any one of the myriad e- learning application. Thus, students or staff must not travel
to abroad to acquire knowledge. Also information can be sent and access to students abroad
through the help of the internet. This project has some unique features such as a simplified way of
which study materials can be distributed evenly among students, also allowing the teachers to give
quizzes and also allowing assessing the students on a unique user friendly platform which is secure,
efficient and has a higher rate of accuracy also and added feature is the platform for easy
communication between teachers and students. The outcome of this project is flexible and can
easily be adapted to by almost every teacher and student.




Background of the Study
Virtual learning is an e-learning system designed to help students gain access and acquire
knowledge remotely in their university of choice. It can includes: Enhanced face-to-face
instruction, enhanced distance education (on or off campus), individual and group learning with
computer-based materials and instructions entirely based on-line. Because of this mix virtual
classroom and text based virtual learning, knowledge is moving towards every student being an elearner
at least for the period of time of their study, whether through e-materials, e-mail for
contacting teachers/ tutors or any one of their myriad other e-learning platforms.
Online learning results to learning and other supportive resources that are available through a
computer and it includes computer based training, computer based instruction and technology. The
This is designed that before anybody can participate he/she must register. Students and lecturers
information from the school staff and student database would be used to register the students and
lecturers therefore matric numbers and staff ID numbers that tally with their required details would
be provided in order to gain access. One month is given to a student to pay his/her school fees, if
payment is not made by a certain fixed or required date the student is therefore restricted access to
his/her workspace in the virtual learning platform.
Indeed, this sounds interesting to my academic pursuit in Adeleke University, having observed
and estimated the benefit this would bring to both students and lecturers in an unprecedented scale.
Perhaps this calls for an implementation.
This will go a long way increasing student’s enrolment in the institution. The system is very
security conscious, giving access to those registered by the institution or in the institutions database
therefore leaving no chances for anonymous registrations.
1.2 Statement of the Problem
Due to the problems students find and experiences, it has never been easy for students to acquire
basic and necessary education in any institution one wishes irrespective of the fact that the
resources are there. This poses a lot of problems sometimes they will embrace not going to school
at all. It is very impossible for a student abroad or in a neighbouring country to be coming to
Adeleke University every day for lectures more so, it will be impossible for Adeleke University
staff to go abroad or a neighbouring country where the students might be located every day to
deliver lectures.
Sometimes if number of students increases, reduction in student’s admission would be affected in
order to provided adequate structures where they can have their lectures. The above views are what
eave birth to the research work in order to find solution to them.
lowing and downloading contents, taking a students will have access ssessment test etc. The
Provide a system ol lol low up lor teachers and student.
Encourages the promotion ol digital literacy
Create a platform for student to engage in self-paced learning
programming languages used were HTML and PHP as scripting language and using MySQL in
the designing of the database. The system would be designed to suit the university system which
1.4 Significance of the Study
Virtual learning is the use of Internet technologies to enhance knowledge and performance. Virtual
learning technologies offer learners control over content, learning sequence, pace of learning, time,
and often media, allowing them to tailor their experiences to meet their personal learning
objectives all at no cost. It represents a great way to study many fields and to boost the level of
This platform gives access to all resources of a traditional course which enables participants to
learn wherever they are, leaving them the freedom to choose the time for study.
With basically an internet connection a person can learn different course from anywhere in the
world there reducing travel time and transport cost for off campus students.
The Bio-Data of students and teachers of Adeleke University would be collected and saved in a
database online where there will be three authentication levels which will give different accesses
and restrictions. The teachers will have access to content and class group creation etc. while the


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