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Project File Details

Download the complete computer science project topic and material (chapter 1-5) titled Design and Implementation of an Information System for Hospital Management (A Case Study of His Glory Hospitals) here on PROJECTS.ng. See below for the abstract, table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, list of appendices, list of abbreviations and chapter one. Click the DOWNLOAD NOW button to get the complete project work instantly.


Download the complete computer science project topic and material (chapter 1-5) titled Design and Implementation of an Information System for Hospital Management (A Case Study of His Glory Hospitals) here on PROJECTS.ng. See below for the abstract, table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, list of appendices, list of abbreviations and chapter one. Click the DOWNLOAD NOW button to get the complete project work instantly.


PROJECT TOPIC AND MATERIAL ON Design and Implementation of an Information System for Hospital Management

The Project File Details

  • Name: Design and Implementation of an Information System for Hospital Management
  • Type: PDF and MS Word (DOC)
  • Size: 0.99MB
  • Length: 41 Pages



This research work deals with an information system for hospital management, his glory hospitals, Lagos as the case study. Chapter one is an introduction to the project to describe what the project entails. It discusses the problems in the existing system. Also described in chapter one are the aim, the objectives, the significance and the limitation of the study.

Chapter two is the literature review of the project which contain diverse research and scholarly articles written of this project while chapter three describes the method of data collection, system analysis and design and improvement on the proposed system.

Chapter four describes the implementation and result of the project and lastly, chapter five gives the summary, conclusion and recommendation.


TITLE PAGE                                                                                                  i

CERTIFICATION                                                                                          ii

DEDICATION                                                                                                iii

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                                              iv

ABSTRACT                                                                                                   v

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                vi

LIST OF TABLES                                                                                          vii

LIST OF FIGURES                                                                                          viii


1.1    BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY                                                                1

1.3         AIM AND OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT                                          1

1.4         METHODOLOGY                                                                                     2

1.5      SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY                                                              2

1.5      SCOPE AND LIMITATION OF THE STUDY                                            2

1.6         DEFINITION OF TERMS                                                                         3


2.0         INTRODUCTION                                                                                      4

2.1         COMPUTER INFORMATION BASED SYSTEM                                        4

2.2         IMPORTANCE OF HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS                     6

2.3         HISTORY OF HIS GLORY HOSPITAL                                                   7

2.4         ORGANOGRAM OF HIS GLORY HOSPITAL                                        8



3.0         INTRODUCTION                                                                                      9

3.1     ANALYSIS OF THE EXISTING SYSTEM                                                        9

3.2     OVERVIEW OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEM                                           10

3.3     METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION                                                        10

3.4       SYSTEM DESIGN                                                                                  11

3.4.1  SYSTEM FLOWCHART                                                                           11

3.4.2  E-R DIAGRAM                                                                                14

3.5         DATABASE STRUCTURE                                                                       14

3.5.1  INPUT STRUCTURE                                                                      14

3.5.2  OUTPUT STRUCTURE                                                                            15


4.0     INTRODUCTION                                                                                      18

4.1     CHOICE OF PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE                                          18

4.2     SYSTEM REQUIREMENT                                                                       18

4.2.1  HARDWARE REQUIREMENT                                                                18

4.2.2  SOFTWARE REQUIRMENT                                                                    19

4.3     RESULT INTERFACE                                                                     19

4.4     SYSTEM TESTING AND IMPLEMENTATION                                               22

4.4.1  SYSTEM TESTING                                                                                   22

4.4.2  IMPLEMENTATION                                                                       24

4.5     DESCRIPTION OF FINDINGS                                                                 24

4.6     SYSTEM DOCUMENTATION AND MAINTENANCE                                    24

4.6.1  LOADING THE SOFTWARE                                                                   24

4.6.2  RUNNING THE APPLICATION                                                               24

4.6.3  THE PLATFORM                                                                                      25


5.1     SUMMARY                                                                                               26

5.2     RECOMMENDATIONS.                                                                          26

5.3     CONCLUSION                                                                                26

REFERENCES                                                                                 27

APPENDICES                                                                                  28


Table 3.1: Patients                                                                                               15

Table 3.2: Employee                                                                                            16

Table 3.3: Consultation                                                                              17

Table 3.4: Daily Transaction                                                                                17

Table 3.5: Department                                                                                17

Table 4.1: Login Test                                                                                           23

Table 4.2: Insert Information                                                                               23

Table 4.3: Payment Information Test                                                                   23


Figure 2.1: Organogram of His Glory Hospital                                                        8

Figure 3.1: Splash                                                                                           11

Figure 3.2: Login                                                                                           12

Figure 3.3: Menus                                                                                           13

Figure  3.4: E-R Diagram                                                                                14

Figure 3.5: Input structure for patient registration                                                   14

Figure 3.6: Input structure for drug registration                                                       15

Figure 3.7: Input structure for doctor consultation                                                  15

Figure 4.1: Splash Screen                                                                               19

Figure 4.2: Login                                                                                            19

Figure 4.3: Main Form                                                                                    20

Figure 4.4: Payment                                                                                        21

Figure 4.5: Daily Transaction.                                                                        22




The hospital provide qualitative Health care services but maintains that they do not just heal mere physical illness which attacks the human body, but a much deeper and holistic healing of the entire human person.

These service areas include all the wards (medical and surgical for male and female, pediatrics, chest unit and the maternity section as a whole.  Other departments are out patient department (OPD), laboratory department, pharmacy department, central sterling and supply department (C.S.S.D), XRAY department community medicine and the mobile clinic, and theatre department.  The roles of these departments are complementary and depict what they call team-work in patient management, the patient always beings at the center.

The Hospital since its establishment has demonstrated a very keen interest in the staff recruitment and development of highly skilled and very dependable medical and paramedical personnel.


Many problems are encountered with the manual method of handling files.  It is quite unfortunate that His Glory Hospital, in spite of her large medical service still keep her records manually.

The problems associated with this manual system include time wastage, ineffective use of statistical data, and duplication of efforts in records keeping.  Delay in decision making, it requires a lot of clerical efforts inability to cope up with daily workload.  Slow in responding the queries / enquires, Rodents records, lot of human mistakes, lack of confidentiality of files and high cost of stationary.

This computerization process is believed to be capable of not only solving these problems but many more to be encountered.


The aim of this project is to design an information system for a hospital, using His Glory Hospital as a case study.

The objectives of this project include-

  1. To provide total asset visibility.
  2. To allow high levels in giving full patient history.
  • To reduce lead-time and errors due to damage, fatigue of staff.
  1. To provide full process control for the patient.
  2. To provide higher-level security as the system would require passwords to prevent unauthorized access.
  3. To help the management plan, monitor, optimize resources and ascertain their financial position at any time.


The methodology that will be adopted in this research work is based on Microsoft Visual C# as the design tool and MSSQL as the database.


The researcher during the course of this investigation found out that all the medical keeping record are done manually and having seen the problem associated with the manual system, the researcher calls for a new system in patient related services.

The design of the new system will eliminate the problems of the system mentioned earlier by providing quick file retrieval and searches.  By providing accurate up to date information on demand.

It will minimize redundantly, loss of information will be prevented, the need for volume paper files and unnecessary spending of paper folders, file cabinet will be removed and adequate security will be provided to ensure database system.


The proposed system is intended to manage specific information of hospital and to be handled by specific personnel in the hospital such as cashier, doctor, administrator, nurse and pharmacist. It is not an Information System, which has a broader application. It is only a part of a Hospital Information System.

The scope of the project covers the computer based information system for a hospital for use by these sections (Doctor, Administrator and Pharmacy) at the hospital to replace their old paper notebook recording system.

Each of the users are limited to their functions; i.e. a cashier will not be able to perform the work of an administrator. The pharmacy will be able to manage drugs and equipment and their suppliers, while the Nurse will also be restricted to performing the duties of registering and updating patients records and so on.


MEDICAL RECORDS: It is the records that spell out the patient’s illness and treatment during a particular period of time.

NURSE:  A person (usually a woman), trained to provide care for the sick

DOCTOR: A medical professional who is trained and licensed to heal the sick.

PATIENTS: Someone receiving treatment in the hospital.


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