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Information technology is able to facilitate the revolution of changes, which optimize performance and profitability to institutions, organization and companies because it provides solution to one of the key business barrier that is distance, time and difficulties associated with crossing them or sharing them. Emergency of electronic processing of data and it’s computer technologies has led to the death of bugs, errors and time wasting during processing and computation of student’s result. Electronics data processing introduced towards the end of 1934’s has brought fundamental dangers in the way, so many things art done, including the topic of this project and so many other things like product advertising, information sharing, on-line computation, electronic data storage, electronic mail exchange, to list but a few.

The computer science department in Benson Idahosa University, right from the inception of this great institution; result processing has been manually processed.  The manual system employed is not very efficient, in that a lot of paper work has to be done which takes a reasonable length of time to prepare. Due to the increasing number of students in computer science department Benson Idahosa University, that has written the examination in the school, results computation of the student’s CGPA has been a very difficult task. Therefore, because of this problems and errors arising from such a system, a software-computerized result processing system becomes inevitable; the benefits accruable from the computer-based system cannot be over emphasized.


The  errors  associated  with  the  existing manual method of processing of students results in most universities  in Nigeria,  including Benson Idahosa University,  make  it  not  only  desirable but imperative that computerized approach be used to  the  full  in  measuring  students’  progress.  The manual methods being employed suffer a number of set-backs.  They make the process to be time-consuming and   prone to error. They lead to examination results being published late, sometimes  with  wrong  grades  being  entered  and students’ grade point averages being   wrongly computed  as  a  result, and  ultimately leading  to wrong  conclusions  being  arrived  at  on  class  of degree awarded. Some students could end up with undeserved good class of degree, while others could be unfairly victimized,   bringing   about frustration and bad blood. The Departments concerned, and the whole University, could become tarnished.  The problem, therefore, that arises is to find a method of processing examination results that would be sufficiently accurate and reasonably   timely. The software application   in   this research work is intended to bring relieve by providing for timely and accurate processing of students results using the processing power of the computer. Historically, result computation and students data record management in computer science department in the Institute of management and technology in Benson Idahosa University has been affected by several factors based on the current manual processing method used such as:

  • Loss of vital information relating to student result/ records
  • The time and labour involved in the student result computation of CGPA
  • Files and records not properly kept.
  • Miscalculation of students CGPA after graduation.
  • Difficulties involved in searching for a specified record
  • Wrong transcription and mutilations by accident or on purpose
  • Information is very insured and can be accessed by the wrong persons.
  • Insecurity of the result, which can be modified by unauthorized person/or access.
  • Use of filing cabinets makes retrieval of information very difficult.
  • Difficult of data sharing i.e. from HOD’s offices to exams and records.



Electronics data processing environment where information is processed using computers system hooked on to a Network is more advantageous. Owing to this, therefore, the aim of this study is directed towards developing a powerful computer application program that will collapse the short-comings encountered in the student’s result processing and data management in the great department of computer science in the institute of management and technology Benson Idahosa University.


The main objective of this project is to provide a faster means of reducing some (or all) the problem encountered during result computation and registration of student such as:

–           Errors due to over sight

–           Redundancies in record keeping

–           Errors in computation

–           Difficulties in sharing

–           Money time for duplication

–           Delay in computation


For the fact that we are awaking from one deplorable indifference to the studies and teaching or studying of computer as a course, it’s proficiency in developed countries like USA, Japan, England e.t.c. Therefore, this can be limited only on the grade point average generation and the storage of students’ record in Basic and Applied Science, Benson Idahosa University, Benin City.



The research study may encounter problems like insufficient literature, time, finance, transportation problem and lack of co-operation from the respondents who otherwise would have proved useful.



The following are the meanings of some terms as used in this study.

CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the grade point average of all courses, institutional and transferred, taken at the same level (non-credit, undergraduate, or graduate), is an assessment tool used to evaluate your academic performance.

Software: the programs and other operating information used by a computer.

Computation: the use of computers, especially as a subject of research or study.


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