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This supermarket management system has realized the transmission and control of large goods, so as to facilitate the management and decision of sales, and reduce a big burden for supermarkets and supermarket managers. It also can help to improve the work efficiency of supermarket. Its objective is to provide the basic information maintenance function of employees, memberships and products so that managers can through the function to add, delete, and modify the basic information of employees and the employees can through it to add, modify and delete the basic information of memberships and goods. Supermarket management system is very convenient for manage, input, output, and find the data so as to make the messy supermarket data to specific, visualizations, rationalization. In the aspect of software.In the cause of writing this project, HTML, CSS, JS and Sublime text were used to design the system (front end) and Wamp Server  and PHP was used to store the database (middle end). The website has a large memory of storing all the goods in the store and also keeping record, it is highly effective and accurate. I will recommend that if there is going to be any modification the new writer should endeavor to improve on the limitations such as inclusion of payment processor to further increase the system architecture and to satisfy users need more for writing of the source code, latest PHP version should be used and MySQL for the database, which is the back end. In the aspect of software, various configurations in computer including input and output capacity, internal memory and external memory capacity can meet the requirements of users. The methodology used in this project is the Object Oriented Analysis and Design methodology (OOAD).


Title page

Certification                                                                                                I

Dedication                                                                                         II

Approval page                                                                                  III

Acknowledgement                                                                          IV

Abstract                                                                                            V

Table of Contents                                                                             VI

List of Figures                                                                                   VII

List of Tables                                                                                    VIII


1.0     Background of study                                                               1

1.1     Statement of the problem                                                                  2

1.2     Objective of study                                                                             3

1.3     Significance of study                                                               3-4


  • Introduction 5

2.1     Background of study                                                               5-6

2.2     Literature Review                                                                    6-8

2.2.1  The concept of Management System                                       9

2.2.2  Types of Supermarket                                                             9-11

2.2.3  Introduction to Online Marketing (E-commerce)                     11-13

2.2.4  Benefits of E-commerce to Consumers                                    13 Benefits of E-commerce to Society                                       13-14 Limitation of E-commerce                                                     14 Limitation of E-commerce to Consumers                              14-15 Limitation of E-commerce to Society                                             15

2.2.5 Introduction to Management                                                    15-17

2.2.6 Introduction to System                                                            17-18

2.2.7 Supermarket management Using Shoprite Nigeria                            18-20

2.3 Summary                                                                                    20



3.0     Introduction                                                                                      21

3.1     Description of the Existing System                                         21-22

3.2     Analysis of the Proposed System                                            22-24

3.3     Design of the Proposed System                                                        24-31



4.0     Introduction                                                                                      32

4.1     Choice of Development Environment                                               32-33

4.2     Implementation Architecture                                                   33

4.3     Software Testing                                                                     33-34

4.4     Documentation                                                                        35

4.4.1 User Manual                                                                                      35-36

4.4.2 Source code Listing                                                                           36


5.0    Summary                                                                                 37

5.1     Conclusion                                                                              37

5.2     Recommendation                                                                     38







2.1 Comparison of Prices between Shoprite, Oke-Arin market and Ojuwoye               market                                                                                                20

2.2 Comparison of Prices between Shoprite, and Ojuwoye Market  21

3.5 Output Design to Add New Customer details                                      26

3.6 Output Design to Add New Workers Details                              27

3.7 Output Design for Workers Login                                                        27

3.8 Output Design for Customer Login                                            28

3.9 Database Design for Customer                                                  29

3.10 Database Design for Workers                                                   29

3.11 Database Design for Product                                                    30

3.12 Database Spreadsheet Design for Product                                30

3.13 System Architecture                                                                  31

4.1 implementation Architecture                                                       33

4.2 Add New User                                                                                      34

4.3 Result of the New User Added                                                    34




3.1 Input Design for staff Information                                                       25

3.2 Input Design for Membership Information                                 25

3.3 Input Design to Add Stock                                                                   25-26

3.4 Input Design to Login                                                                 26






The essence of a supermarket management system is for an effective automation of the management of a supermarket. The Supermarket Management System is a project that deals with supermarket automation and it includes both purchasing and selling of items. Supermarket management system is the system where all the aspects related to the proper management of supermarket is done. These aspects involve managing information about the various products, staff, managers, customers, billing etc. This system provides an efficient way of managing the supermarket information. Also allows the customer to purchase and pay for the items purchased.This study is based on the sales transaction and billing of items in a supermarket.

This study is to produce software which manages the sales activity done in a supermarket, maintaining the stock details, maintaining the records of the sales done for a particular month/year. The users will consume less time in calculation and the sales activity will be completed within a fraction of seconds whereas manual system will make the user to write it down which is a long procedure and so paper work will be reduced and the user can spend more time monitoring the supermarket. The program will be user friendly and easy to use.

The system will display all the items whose name start with the letter selected by the user. He can select out of those displayed. Finally a separate bill will be generated for each customer. This will be saved in the database. Any periodic records can be viewed at any time. If the stock is not available, the supermarket orders and buys from a prescribed vendor. The amount will be paid by deducting the total amount acquired in the sales activity. Admin provides a unique username and password for each employee through which he can login.




The manual management of a supermarket is besieged with numerous problems. Among these problems are the following:

  1. Time Consumption: Manual systems are time consuming, as the business owner must keep track of Supermarket sales on a daily basis, while updating the system manually at the end of the day.
  2. Poor Communication: A manual Supermarket system requires employees and managers to write down each time an item is removed from the Supermarket. If one employee forgets to mention that the last coffee product has been removed from the Supermarket, a manager expects the item to still be available for a customer during a sale. Compared with a technical Supermarket system, a manual Supermarket system does not help the communication in the workplace.
  3. Physical Counts: A manual Supermarket system does not provide any number, as all numbers from the Supermarket are gained through physical Supermarket counts. One of the difficulties of running a manual Supermarket system is that physical Supermarket counts must be performed frequently to control the items in the Supermarket. This is time consuming and can cost the business money, if employees must come in to help out outside of business hours.
  4. Daily Purchases: Keeping track of daily purchases is another difficult controlling measure with manual Supermarket systems. A manual Supermarket system requires the employees to write down the items sold during a single work day. This can be a difficult task, as one employee may lose the list of items sold or another may forget to write down a sale.
  5. Ordering Supplies: A manual Supermarket system does not update at the end of the day with updated Supermarket.




The main objective of this project is to design a Computerized Supermarket Management System to

  1. ascertain stock level of a supermarket,
  2. To know when to order for more goods, keep status and updates of transactions, thereby helping progress level,
  • To determine stock taking and managerial decisions.



For every new thing developed there must be an advantage, a disadvantage and a significance it will have in the world. Just like cars they are built to reduce stress of moving from one place to another especially when it’s over a long distance, but every car is prone to fail at some point and that’s one of the biggest disadvantages, but the researcher won’t be writing about advantages and disadvantages of a car, the researcher will be writing on the significance of an supermarket information management system. The researcher said before, everything developed has significance to the world and supermarket information management system is significant to humanity in the following ways:

  1. The management system will be of great benefit to supermarkets and it will improve the managerial cum administrative strength of the business and move the business forward to meet the demand of times and globalization in this era of technology.
  2. To explore the challenge being faced by the manual system.
  3. For easy record of goods and proper identification.
  4. This piece of work will add to the already existing literature review and act as a reference work for future researchers.




This project work covers stock control, management and tends to correct anomalies in Supermarket business. It analyses opening of new stocks, stock updates and ability to view existing ones. It provides quick way of operation by capturing the manual process and automating them. This project is helpful to computerize the item transaction, sales activity record keeping which is a very huge task and maintaining the stock



Due to time and basic factors like unstable electricity, poor networks, unavailability of concrete business idea and many more this research has been limited to certain areas in supermarket management we only looked more into the supermarket inventory management area using Microsoft access and Visual basic.




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