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The history of children up bringing starts from the very day they were born into the family. The young couples are expected to live happily together and their children will emulate their good conduct and enjoy loves emotional and psychological stability there in.

Johnson (2011) Education is a systematic process of developing an individual, physically, mentally, spiritually and socially for his benefit and the benefit of the society in.

Johnson (2001) the education of a child starts right from the home. It is what the parents inculcate in their children that from the basis of their educational development for it is said that the family is an institution which instruct the child during its formulation stage and provide primary socialization and initial informal education.

In line with the above they need to receive comfort and satisfaction from the love built between their parents which is vital, Hence the absence of one’s parents in the training of their children, affect the kind of training they will get. This is why children from broken homes develop negative vice’s capable of destroying their future by becoming recalculate to societal norms and values.

The analysis from Most of the secondary schools, the children with poor up bringing are usually very aggressive and lawless, broken homes therefore has adverse effect on the growth and development of the children from broken home.

Johnson (2001) “the family has become increasingly unstable as a result of high divorce rate and single parentage” due to these factors one may say that broken home has negative implication on children education which is the focus of this study.

Walter Stain and Kelly (2005) “it is observed that children from broken home have higher rate of delinquency” the effect of broken home as observed by Walter Stain and Kelly (2005) may lead to the following:

  1. Nuisance to the society, increased rate of prostitution and robbery within the society.
  2. Majority of cultic activities are carried out by children from broken homes’
  3. Children from broken homes have poor educational background because the parents are not there to guide them.


This study under consideration is the effect of broken home on the education of children in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State acknowledgement different agencies responsible for the education of the children to include the home, the school, the society, organization, the government the mass media


Basically, the mental development of the children starts from the homes. This has a wide influence on the children especially the provision of basic needs such as food, school uniform textbook, writing material, reading space at home and school fees among others. If these needs are not met the child’s academic performance will not be effective. Hence the interest of these researchers in that topic  Purpose Of Study.

This study is designed to examine the effect of broken home on the education of children in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State specifically. The study is intended to determine:-

  1. Whether children from broken homes are provided with adequate educational materials
  2. Whether children from broken homes lack, love, affection and security, which are important in educational development
  3. Whether children from broken homes are provided with the basic necessities of life example food, clothing, shelter and educational opportunities
  4. Whether children from broken home have adequate motivation towards education.


The following research question guided the study

  1. Are children from broken home provided with adequate educational materials
  2. Do children from broken home enjoy adequate love, affection and security that are necessary for effective academic development
  3. Are children from broken home provide with necessity of life for effective academic development
  4. Do children from broken home have adequate motivation for excellent educational development



The home is the starting point of education of children from broken homes attitudes towards education is very vital.

This study will enable the educational agencies, which include the home and school to plan educational activities to take care of children from broken homes, the study also is intended to help improve the parents, children relationship of making teaching and learning process interesting to victims of broken home.

Another significance of this research is to create awareness in the society, as a whole, about the responsibilities of parents towards the academic development of children the knowledge of the effect of broken home on the education of children will help teachers and guardians to know problem of such children and guide them towards attaining great heights in education.


The research work deals with the effect of broken home in the education of children in Ughelli South Local Government area of Delta State. Which Does lack of parental motivation of children for school in the morning affect the education of children?




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