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Effect Of Unemployment On Computer Education Graduate

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PROJECT TOPIC AND MATERIAL ON Effect Of Unemployment On Computer Education Graduate

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Why does a computer education graduate roam about in the street? One would begin to wonder as to the causes of these ugly trends or further still the influence it has on the economy of Anambra State. In the course of this research, it is important to know the meaning of the concept of ‘unemployment’ in order to do justice to the causes and effects of unemployment on computer education graduates. Oxford dictionary defined unemployment as the number or proportion of unemployed people.

Moffatt (2016) defined unemployment as the state of an individual looking for a paying job but not having one.  As a result, unemployment does not include individuals such as full-time students, the retired, children, or those not actively looking for a paying job.  It also doesn’t count individuals who work part-time but would like a full-time job.  Mathematically, the unemployment rate is equal to the number of unemployed people divided by the size of the labor force. Pettinger (2010) stated that  Unemployment is defined as a situation where someone of working age is not able to get a job but would like to be in full time employment. Investopedia defined Unemployment as a phenomenon that occurs when a person who is actively searching for employment is unable to find work. Unemployment is often used as a measure of the health of the economy. The most frequently measure of unemployment is the unemployment rate, which is the number of unemployed people divided by the number of people in the labor force.

Wikipedia defined unemployment as a measure of the prevalence of unemployment and it is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of unemployed individuals by all individuals currently in the labor force. During periods of recession, an economy usually experiences a relatively high unemployment rate. According to International Labour Organization report, more than 200 million people globally or 6% of the world’s workforce were without a job in 2012.

Amadeo (2017) opined Unemployment is defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as people who do not have a job, have actively looked for work in the past four weeks, and are currently available for work. Also, people who were temporarily laid off and were waiting to be called back to that job are included in the unemployment statistics. Those who have not looked for work within the past four weeks are no longer counted among the unemployed.

The researchers opined that unemployment is a condition or situation whereby persons capable and willing to work are unable to get paid employment. In any economy, there are many people perhaps even most of the population who do not have paid jobs because they are nursing babies or looking after their families. Unemployment refers to those who are involuntary without work, those who want jobs but cannot find them. The government defines those who want to work as people who have actively looked for work within the past four weeks and determines the number of people currently unemployed through a monthly survey called the Current Population Survey.


In Nigeria, a number of states including Anambra State, experience a rise in unemployment among youths. Unemployment situation in Anambra State is inherent in the capitalist system of Nigeria economy. As policy makers are not committed to evolve pragmatic measures capable of reducing unemployment to the barest minimum, we find out that the unemployed are alienated, because such policies as poverty alleviation programme, National Directorate For Employment (NDE) not in any way reduced the problem of unemployment, but has been hijacked by some selfish and greedy Nigerians.

The problems of unemployment on computer education graduates are growing at an alarming rate because of the high population passing out of our college and universities on a yearly basis. Computer education graduates come out from the college of education without hope of getting employed in the state. Thus the problem of this study is what are the causes and effect of computer education graduate unemployment in Awka South Local Government Area. The problems of unemployment on computer education graduates are growing at an alarming rate because of the high population passing out of our college and universities on a yearly basis. Computer education graduates come out from the college of education without hope of getting employed in the state. This has led to the study of the causes and effect and possible solution to computer education graduates unemployment problems in Awka City particularly and Nigeria in general.

The problem has become continually without solution being in sight it has constituted itself into one of the worst enemies of the populace in this part of the world. That the problem unemployment has been exacerbated by the previous and retrenchments unbridle rural urban migrate. Etc.

Unemployment is a great problem associated with both rural and urban communities of the Nigeria economy it results to the following problems to Nigeria.

  1. A)    Threat to peace: The unemployed Constituted available book for political troubles shooters in a Country.
  2. B)    Escalation of Crime Rate: An idle mind they say is the devils workshop, and as a result of this many unemployed youths and able bodies men and women engages themselves in crime such as armed robbery, prostitution, etc in order to earn living.
  3. C)     It causes migration: this is to move from one place to go and live or work in another place. This can be rural urban or from one Country to another which creates vacuum in a nation march to economic and social development.
  4. D)    Waste of Manpower: Unemployment especially that of graduates waste the much needed manpower which delays the economic development of the nation Nigeria.
  5. E)     Increase in dependants: The unemployment people increase the number of dependants and contribute in sapling the income of their families instead of contributing to them.
  6. F)    Reduction in Investment: the money spent in educating the unemployed and the once spent in them as depredates should have been invested in one



The purposes of this study are as follows:

  1. To examine the major factors that causes unemployment in Awka South Local Government Area.
  2. To assess the consequences of unemployment in Awka South Local Government Area.
  3. To examine efforts by the government both state and federal, individual organization in employmentgeneration.
  4. To suggest appropriate strategies for the reduction of unemployment inAwka South Local Government Area.


Unemployment now creates a serious problem in the society. It affects the economic and socio-political life of the society, so embarking on a research of this nature has always been to ultimately find out the causes and consequences of unemployment and then find solutions to the problems affecting the society.

It is in this light that I wish to state strongly that the findings will be of immense importance and value to the government and all its agencies. The findings will provide a blue print for government policies towards the reduction of unemployment in the state. It will not only be an educational study, but also lay a good groundwork for further exploration on the theme inAwka South Local Government Area. Apart from contributing to the existing literature in this area, it is expected that the findings will generate further investigation into the working out some theories in this area.


The scope of this project work embraces the whole nation but for the purpose of being specific, this study also focuses on the causes and effect of unemployment on computer education graduates only inAwka South Local Government Area.


  1. What are the major factors responsible for unemployment?
  2. What are the problems encountered as a result of being unemployed?
  3. What are the effects of unemployment to health problems?
  4. What are the effects of unemployment to the family?


Unemployment – Refers to a socio-economic situation in which persons who have no work are able and willing to work and also actively seeking for works have no work.

Crime – Refers to any wrong which affects the interest of the society as a whole and for which the offender is liable to punishment.

Poverty – This is the deprivation of the basic necessities of life. A state where individuals lack food, shelter and clothing is termed poverty.

Socio-Economic Status – This is the position of an individual within the society and economic hierarchy.

Society – A society is a group of people who live in a particular geographical location and its people are subject to a common system of political authority, and are aware of having a distinct identity from other groups around them.

Social Problem – Are objective conditions that affect majority of persons in the society e.g. unemployment.

Inflation – This is the rise in the general level of prices which has the effect of reducing the purchasing power of a given amount of money.

Income – Payment derived from wages, salaries or investment.



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