1.0   Introduction

Ficus plant belongs to the mulberry family, moraceae ficus capensis, also known as the cape fig and is a native of tropical Africa and the cape islands. The plant is a deciduous tree with spreading roots and branches and broad green leaves. The name fig is derived form the hollow, pear-shaped inflorescence called “syconia” ficus capensis produces fleshy fruits all year round in a single or branched raceme along the trunk and the main branches, these fruits though inedible to humans are eaten by many animals.

Many of the worlds population are versed in the use of the available plants and herbs in their environment in the treatment of different diseases (Hansch et al, 1990, Shellerd, 1987). In Nigeria and other parts of the world, the plant along with many others in this family is important in the traditional treatment of many diseases and ailments. The plant extracts have been reported in the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, sexually transmitted diseases causing micro organisms, chest ailments, tuber culosis, leprosy, convulsions pain in anaemia and wound (Irvine, 1961, Amos et al., 2001, Ahmadu et al., 2007, Oyeleke et al 2008) sandabe and kwari, 2000). The relevance of this plant in traditional medicine is as a result of the secondary metabolites such as phytate phenols, saponins, tannins also referred as photochemical, microelement and micro nutrient which they have been screened to contain.

1.1   Objectives Of the Study

The objectives of study is to determine the minerals and vitamins of ficus capensis. This involves the determination of the following parameter potassium, calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, lead, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.

1.2   Statement of the Problem

Lack of vitamin and mineral is a condition that develop when the body does not get the right amount of the vitamin and mineral receded to maintain health tissue and organs functions. These affects both  children and adult, vitamin and mineral help in the development and building of cell and immunity of the system some people  have stunted  growth  thus push me to evaluate the vitamin and mineral component of ficus capensis.

  • Justification of the study

This work will be source information to the people living in Enugu and to educate them that ficus capensis is a good nutritional plant that will supply us all the nutrient body need to function well. It also medicinal plants .


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