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Frauds and financial malpractice as a leading factors in Business failure provides means of appraising company’s performance and diagnosing, its ills and weakness.

The research conducted a critical study on this topic with the intention of finding out the extent to which the company – EMENITE LIMITED ENUGU has carried out efficiently appraisals and high lighting deficiencies which are usually believed as not existing and whether the company EMENITE LIMITED ENUGU is as efficient as it should be.

The researcher also carried out a study to find out the cause of low company performance and how to eradicate the abnormality by applying efficiency in auditing process.

The research work is broken into five chapters. The first chapter gives the general introduction and discussion, the background of the study, statement of problem, significant, limitation and scope of the study.

Chapter two deals with the views of some authorities on the topic or related topics.

Chapter three deals with research design and methodology, area, population, sampling of study.

Chapter four deals with data analysis and testing.

Chapter five deals with finding, implications and conclusion.

The analysis tools that were approved in testing the stated hypothesis were the chi-square (x2)




1.0     Introduction

  • Background of the Study
  • Statement of Problem
  • Objective of Study
  • Research Question
  • Research Hypothesis
  • Significance of the Study
  • Scope and Limitation of the Study
  • Background of the firm Studied
  • Definition of Terms

2.0     Review of Related Literature

  • What is Fraud in Business
  • Nature and Types of Frauds
  • Sources, Forms and Causes of Fraud in Business
  • The Effects/Consequences of Fraud
  • The Legal Frame Work and Fraudulent Practices
  • Approaches to the prevention or Minimization –

of Frauds


3.0     Research Methodology

  • Research Design
  • Area of the Study
  • Population of the Study
  • Sampling Procedures
  • Instruments for Data Collection
  • Validity of the Instrument
  • Reliability of the Instrument
  • Methods of Administration of the Instrument
  • Methods of Data Analysis

4.0     Data Presentation

  • Testing of Hypothesis

5.0     Discussion, Implication and Recommendation

  • Discussion of Result
  • Implication of the Result
  • Recommendation
  • Conclusion






This research work is an attempt to study on fraud and financial malpractice as leading factors in Business failure using Emenite Limited Enugu as a case study.


Business can be seen as all profit directed toward providing goods and services to mankind. The business organisation under usual condition of operation is the result of growth because companies starts in a small way and gradually expand. In the growth of any business. Individuals are employed to fill the various position which will help the organisation to achieve its desired objective.

Companies are today going through life threatening challenges which is the culmination of several years of abuse and mismanagement from their employees. Some of the reasons for these anomalies in business trend resulted in the general company down turns, ranging from fraud, misappropriation of fund, lack of accountability and general company crises.

This write up will advantageously help companies on application of rigidly administered monetary policy instruments of their company.


A company whether small, medium or large in developing country like Nigeria facos special problem of fraud and financial malpractice. Those problems include incomplete recording of accounts, and poor attitude to adhere to the accounting standard and guideline coupled with the waves of corporate crimes. This research work therefore attempts to highlight on these key problem areas that undermine fraud and financial mispratice in a company and make suggestions about their possible solutions.


This study in aimed at finding out the reasons why business fail and how to control them. It is also to undertake what business is and the role it is expect to play in the development of the nation, economy, social and technologically what calibre of people are supposed to be placed in places of authority and trust such as managers, directors, staffs. How can a well managed business encourage investment both from the government and the private individuals.

This research will also help to find out how managers, directors and staff manipulate figures and thereby throwing the internal control system into confusion and leaving the accounting system in shambles. It is also aimed at finding a preventive rather than a corative approach to the fraudulent practice of our industries.


Dear sir / madam,

The researcher is a final year student of institute of management and   technology, Enugu (IMT) In accountancy department. She is conducting research on fraud and financial malpractice as a leading factor in business failure.

The questionnaires below is therefore designed as a tool with which to extend the necessary information needed in carring out the project work and your opinion matters a lot for the success of this study. Your objective information will be highly appreciated and treated confidentially without prejudice.



Please tick good (      ) where appropriate in the boxes provided below.

  1. What is the name of your company? —————————–


  1. What is the type of company you run?
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Construction
  4. Other (specify)
  5. Sex
  6. Male
  7. Female
  8. What is your martial status?
  9. Married
  10. Single
  11. What is your qualification?
  13. OND/NCE
  14. HND/BSC
  15. MSC and above
  16. For how long have you been in the company?
  17. 1-5 years
  18. 5 – 15 years
  19. 16 – 30 years
  20. 30 – above
  21. What factor do you think can lead to business failure?
  22. Bad management
  23. Poor internal control
  24. Fraud and financial malpractice
  25. Is there any established procedure for fraud control
  26. Dismissal
  27. Legal action
  28. Suspension
  29. Is there any established procedure for fraud control
  30. Clerks/cashiers
  31. Officers/supervisors
  32. Director/managers
  33. Uncategorized staff
  34. Have your organisation lost any money through fraud
  35. Yes
  36. No
  37. What method do employees use to defraud a business
  38. False account
  39. Forgery of figures
  40. Loans/advances
  41. What are the reasons behind this
  42. Low salary to workers
  43. Desire to get rich
  44. Internal control in weak
  45. Is fraud and financial malpractice a significant factor in business failure
  46. Yes
  47. No
  48. What are the possible consequence of fraud and financial malpractice
  49. Liquidation
  50. Retrenchment
  51. Insolvency
  52. How far has your company gone to check or control fraud
  53. No case of fraud have been noticed
  54. By establishing an internal control
  55. Employment of an Auditor
  56. Apart from fraud and financial malpractice, what other factors can led to business failure.
  57. Bad management
  58. False declaration
  59. Ownership structure
  60. What suggestion have you to make to ensure that fraud and financial malpractice is control if not eradicate from your company? ————————————————————-



A research hypothesis is a tentative statement made about a variable which may or may not be true. It is an opinion statement which help, to guide the researcher in his investigation. In the word of Spielgeal (1972) statistical hypothesis is an assumption statement or suggestions about the population under consideration. According to Omololiaye (1986) “hypothesis is a suggested answer to the problem of the research under investigation” whether to accept or reject hypothesis depends on what others said during the research’s findings. For the purpose of this study, two set of hypothesis has been formulated and denoted. Ho for null hypothesis and HI for alternative hypothesis as follows.

HO 1.1 fraud and financial malpractice is of significant factor in business failure.

Hi 1.1 Business failure is not due to economic factor such as depression.

  1. Is fraud and financial malpractice the only cause a business failure?
  2. What method and practice do people use to defraud organisation?
  3. What measure can be taken to control them?
  4. To what extend has fraud and financial malpractice lead to business failure.
  5. What action and regulations have the government taken to eradicates malpractice in business.


This research is aimed at highlighting area of problems and to advise solutions. These solutions if properly implemented will bring the government and the sandal public at large to associate themselves with investing in a company. It is however significant to undertake such study because it intend to give the research, a through and full understanding of the subject matter which is title: fraud and financial malpractice as a leading factor to business failure. The research is also for paramount important because it form basis or standard format which is intend to be followed by other student. The government can also use it to improve in its economic projection and plans and adjust some of her economic policies.


For the purpose of this research work, the researcher will focus his attention on the study dwells on fraud and financial malpractice as a leading factor to business failure using Emenite Industries Limited Enugu as a case study.

The researcher accoutered and skipped so apply herds of both human and material blending before arriving at the conclusion stage of this work.

The major problem includes

  1. FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS: A project work is a money consuming venture and it is normally sponsored by well to do individuals, firm and organisation.
  2. TIME CONSTRICTION: The concentration of the researcher has to respond to various demand because each point in time has so many equally weighted competing factors.
  • HUMAN FACTOR: The human factor relates to respondent problem encountered during and after questionnaire distribution.
  1. LITERACY RATE: Some respondents ignored questionnaires required of them.


Emenite limited company Enugu was incorporated in Nigeria in the year 1963. The company was originally incorporated as Tumbers Asbestors cement company limited Emene Enugu; as asbestor, products manufacturing company. Later in the seventies, the name was changed to turner’s building product limited (Emene) and for the third time to EMENITE INDUSTRIES LIMITED EMENE ENUGU 1988.

The company went into production of asbestors products in 1963 after being commissioned by the then governor of Easter Nigeria Dr. Akanu Ibiam. It was perhaps the first industry to be sited at Emene then, a town in Nkanu Local Government Area but now in Enugu Local Government Area.

The main product line of the company are:

  1. Asbestors roofing sheets
  2. Asbestors ceiling boards
  3. Water pipes

Raw material sources includes

  1. Cement 100% obtained locally
  2. Fibre – 100% obtained overseas
  3. Wodpulp – mixture, previously all imparted but now 70% sourced locally.

In technology, the company is one of the leaders in Nigeria today having powerful installed sheeting machine (Electro mechanical) and sophisticated pipe machine. Other machine include high power over head crances, dust control machine, grading maching, folk lift and so others.


FRAUD: Is defined either as misappropriation of cash and good i..e (decollation) or the falsification of accounts unaccompanied by misappropriation.

MISAPPROPRIATION OF CASH: Cash misappropriation is the alternative of cash so that the actual balance presents a different balance. This brought about employees when the hide receipt of cash or falsify payments which are not authorized. Also a cashier can be used the teeming and leading process to misappropriate cash and later covered the receipt embezzled.

MISAPPROPRIATION OF GOODS: Where accurate record of goods in stock are not maintained or properly maintained. There is every possibility that the goods in stock will be misappropriate.

FALSIFICATION OF ACCOUNTS UNACCOMPANIED BY MISAPPROPRIATIONS: This type of fraud is brought about by top officials of the organisation. It is false representation of a matter of fact whether by conduct or misleading allegation or by concealment of that which should have been disclosed which deceived or intended to deceive another so that he should act upon it to his legal infury.

MALPRACTIONS: This can best be described as acts or omission if any functionary company which is contrary to the promotion of safe and sound company practice.


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