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Organizations must step outside their traditional roles and comfort zones to look at new ways of working. They have to create a work environment where people enjoy what they do, feel like they have a purpose, have pride in what they do, and can reach their potential. This study was carried out on the impact of office environment on the job performance of office workers, Abeokuta metropolis was used to elicit information’s from the (3) local government which are: Odeda local government, Abeokuta North Local government and Abeokuta South local government.

For the purpose of this study, descriptive research design was used. Simple random sampling technique was respectively used to select the respondents for the study. Respondents for this study were fifty (50) made up of twenty-five (25) senior staff and twenty-five (25) junior staff. Structured questionnaires were used for data collection.

The study revealed that a better office environment motivates employees. Inadequate facilities and salary structure were major challenges affecting the job performance of office workers. This study recommends that government should provide adequate facilities and equipments for workers. Also, proper illumination should be provided and good security should be provide.





1.1 Background to the Study

The efficiency of office employees is directly or indirectly affected by the conditions under which they are required to do their work which affect the performances of workers and the achievement of organizational objectives for this purpose, this study will focus its attention on the impact of poor office environment on the job performance of office workers in an organization.

Pillai (2005) defines an office as a place where records for the purpose of control, planning and efficient management of the organization are prepared, handled and preserved.

Egbe and Ejiofor (2007) defined office as a place where clerical activities take place.

In a clear statement, the office is a service delivery unit of an organization; such services may include secretarial, clerical, accounting and research duties. These are vital duties that complement or facilitate the work of executives that complement or facilitate the work of executives of an organization. An office reflects the company’s value, attitude and wealth, an office is the company’s handful image for both the workers and visitors and it provides the stage on which the more active element of the company performs for their customers, staff and community. Above all, an office is designed to stimulate environments that encourage activity.

Therefore, an office cannot be defined without the knowledge of its environment. An office environment is a business community where socio-economic or business activities are performed with a view to achieve organizational goals. It should be known that every business system lies within an environment in enhancing work motivation and job satisfaction is necessary in all organization. An organizational management should look into work motivation and conducive environment as antidote for enhancing productivity and influences the amount of work interest and happiness of workers.

The office environment are consisted of office building, furniture and layout, lighting, good ventilation, color decoration, sound and physical conditioning in which workers operate under a safety measure.

Working environment plays an important role towards the employees ‘performance. Working environment is argued to impact immensely on employees’ performance either towards negative or the positive outcomes (Chandrasekar2001).In the world, there are international organizations who debate the rights of employee. Most people spend fifty percent of their lives within indoor environments, which greatly influence their mental status, actions, abilities and performance (Dorgan, 1994). Better outcomes and increased productivity is assumed to be the result of better workplace environment. Better physical environment of office will boosts the employees and ultimately improve their productivity. Various literature pertain to the study of multiple offices and office buildings indicated that the factors such as dissatisfaction, cluttered workplaces and the physical environment are playing a major role in the loss of employees’ productivity (Carnevale 1992,Clements- Croome 1997).

In the 1990’s, the factors of work environment had changed due to the changes in several factors such as the social environment, information technology and the flexible ways of organizing work processes (Hasun & Makhbul, 2005). When employees’ are physically and emotionally fit will have the desire to work and their performance outcomes shall be increased. Moreover, a proper workplace environment helps in reducing the number of absenteeism and thus can increase the Employees’ performance which leads to increased productivity at the workplace (Boles et al.2004).

As the Economic and Social Council reported in 2007, global economic growth is increasingly failing to create the kinds of new and better jobs that can lead to a reduction in poverty. Despite high and sustained economic growth in many developing countries, unemployment is rising, a large proportion of the labour force is working below poverty level wages, and the majority of non-agricultural employment is situated in the informal economy. It is of little surprise that in recent years there has been a shift of focus from a singular interest in economic growth to an enlarged concern with improving the quality of work. Governments from across Africa have forcefully called for action to overcome these challenges. The African Union Extraordinary Summit on Employment and Poverty Alleviation in Africa (Ouagadougou, September 2004) overwhelmingly endorsed the ILO’s Decent Work Agenda with an emphasis on the creation of quality jobs. The Government of the UnitedRepublic of Nigeria supports this pan-African call for the integration of employment growth and improved quality of work, as reflected in its National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty 2005– 2010 and its National Employment Policy of 2008.

1.2  Statement of the Research Problem

It is a fact that human beings are one important resources available to the organizational and prove to pressure and influences such as noise, poor lighting and unsuitable work tools as this always creates discomfort in the work place and tend to urge the employees to seek more suitable conditions outside the work station. These conditions which are harmful to their health and moral being results in physical and mental fatigue, in other words it result to inefficiency.

The general working environment of most Nigeria office with particular references to Abeokuta metropolis is subjected to utter neglects.

The workers or employees have a negative attitude towards their jobs which is manifested in gross irresponsibility, high rate of absenteeism and indiscipline.

The flow of communication between workers and management is inadequate.

Workers welfare is not taken care of or remuneration is nothing to write home about comparing it with the economic condition of the country.

Looking at these problems, one will quickly notice that workers rate of job performance and organizational hazards that might cause injury or death of workers are based on environment factors. It is the environment that will greatly motivate the workers to increase their job performance.

1.3 Aims and Objectives

The general objective of this study is to assess the impact of working environment on employees’ performance.

This research will be guided by the following study objectives

  1. To determine whether physical work environment has influence on employees’
  2. To examine if good communication among employees contribute towards Job performance
  3. To assess the impact of incentives and salary structures on the job performance of workers.

1.4 Research Questions

  1. Does a good office environment assist the office workers on their job performance?
  2. What is the impact of salary structure on the job performance of workers?
  3. Does communication among employees affect employees’ performance?

1.5 Significance of the Study

It is anticipated that the findings of the study will pave way for the authorities of the institute of finance management to accept the variable that affects employees’ working environment and their performance at the organization. Such an acceptance could be utilized to improve on the working conditions of employees. It will also visualize that the findings of this study will enable the organization to know how to address issues concerning the employees and its working environment and to consider office design as an important factor in increasing employees’ performance.

It will therefore serve as a reference material for future researches in this area. Also, the results will throw more light on factors affecting employee’s performance as far as their environments are concerned. The study is expected to provide knowledge and measures to improve the working environment of employees for better performance in public institution.

1.6 Scope and Limitations of the Study


The scope of the study was the effect of poor office environment on job performance of office workers in Abeokuta metropolis.

The study which is based on the impact of poor office environment on the job performance of office workers will identify the important of office environment; know the impact of environmental conditions on the life of workers. It will also look at the factors that lead to poor performance of office workers due to poor environment such as poor lighting, ventilation, noise, inadequate furniture and fittings and unsuitable work tools which create discomfort in the workplace and are harmful to workers health and moral beings and can result in physical and mental fatigue.

1.7 Definition of Terms

Absenteeism: The state of being absent, especially frequently or without good reason.

Discipline: Enforced compliance or control.

Efficiency: The extent to which time is well used for the intended task.

Hazard: The chance of suffering harm, danger, risk of loss.

Morale: This means the moral conditions of workers regarding discipline and confidence.

Motivation: The incentive or reason for doing something.

Performance: The act of performing, carrying into execution or action.

Satisfaction: A fulfillment of a need or desire.

Safety: The condition of being safe.

Welfare: Satisfactory state of motivation and maintaining workers by guiding them.

1.8 Organization of the Study

The study will be structured into five chapters. Chapter one will deal with introduction, statement of research problem, research objectives and significance of the study. Chapter two will consist of literature review which will comprise of conceptual definitions, theoretical review, empirical analysis and conceptual frame work. Chapter three will contain the research methodology which comprise of the research design, study area, research population, sampling design, and data collection methods. Chapter four will highlight the presentation and interpretation of data as well as discussing of findings. Chapter five will contain the summary of the study, recommendations and conclusions.



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