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The research work examined impact of school library services on achievement and learning in primary school in the Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State. It was revealed that library services in schools has helped pupils immensely on the upliftment of their cognitive domain. Therefore, both the government and the private sector should build more libraries for schools at various levels, stock. It with adequate materials such as book etc. in order to facilitate effectiveness in teaching and learning in primary schools.







The impact of school library services on achievement and learning in primary schools has helped pupils immensely on the upliftment of their cognitive domain.

In October 2001, the task group setup under the auspices of department for education and skills to implement action outlined in the Government response to “Empowering the learning community” (2001), commissioned a critical review of the literature examining the links between educational attainment and school library use in secondary schools.

The reported literature review indicated that much of the evidence of impact of the school library on achievement and learning has been generated at the primary and early secondary level. As a result of this finding, the task group requested a supplementary report considering the impact of library provision on attainment and learning on primary level pupils. The task group recognizes the importance of learning in its widest sense and therefore the review sought a broad definition of learning to encompass not only academic attainment but also the aspects of reflected in processes and attitudes. Thus the key questions for this review, examine impact on attainment and learning in comparative terms which take account of the current variation in services, roles and background staff. The task group agreed to limit the review to documents published after the introduction of the National Curriculum in 1998.

Further, the use of library can also be used for information, educational and recreational needs of the public in general for it can promotes or encourage the education of the citizenry. Library also educates citizens on their rights, responsibilities and their personal development generally. Therefore, the researcher seeks to investigate the impact of school library services and achievement and learning in primary schools.


This study is concerned with the impact of school library services and its achievement in primary school because library constitutes pupils progress. In the sense that pupils who visit  the library before and during examination that is “Common Entrance Examination” performs beyond expectation if not excellently, pupils who make use of library participate in the class brilliantly and the school at large and which might lead to the development of the nation.

The impact of school library services in primary schools enhances the cognitive development of pupils. This discussion will focuses on library as a delivery devices and educators viewed library in various ways that library can be viewed as a means amplify the teacher’s message.

Moreso, library services would revolutionize schools and change the way pupils learn, if properly implemented and stock with adequate and relevant books develops pupil’s mentality


This study will as far as possible bring to lime light the impact of school library services on the achievement and learning in primary schools selected from Odeda Local Government.

There might be several impacts, the researcher would identify the major impacts and recommend the probable influences of the library on primary schools.

Library services can greatly influence the learning achievement of the pupils either positive or negative. The researcher will also identify these positive influences and negative influences.


The research is geared towards the validation of the following questions:

  1. Do library motivate learners to learn more?
  2. Do your library have sufficient books?
  3. Do library have impact on the development of the learners?
  4. What are the important of library on the cognitive development of the learners?


The study will help to give an understanding of impact of school library in primary schools. The main significance of this study is examining the achievement of the importance of library on the mental development of pupils in primary schools.


This study was limited to only one local government council within Abeokuta Metropolis that is Odeda Local Government Council.

This is because of finance and time constraint. This study is mainly concerned with impact of school library and its achievement on the pupils.


SCHOOL: Is a place where children are taught.

LIBRARY: Is a room or building containing books that can be looked at or borrowed.

SERVICES: Is the official system for providing something, especially something that someone needs to have.

ACHIEVEMENT: Is something important that someone succeed in doing by its own efforts.

LEARNING: Is the knowledge gain through reading and study.

PRIMARY SCHOOLS: It is the elementary stage of education consisting of nursery and primary one to six.


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