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Download the complete IMSU post-UTME past questions and answers PDF for all faculties arranged according to their courses/subjects. It covers many years starting from 2005 to 2012. See the end of this page for the FREE version or click the DOWNLOAD NOW button to download the complete PDF file instantly.


So you need the complete pack of Imo State University, IMSU post-UTME past questions and answers PDF to prepare for the forthcoming exam? Now, sip your coffee and relax because we at PROJECTS.ng have compiled the best post-UTME past questions and answers PDF for IMSU that will help you prepare for your post JAMB examination, otherwise known as the screening test or aptitude test.

Continue reading to learn how to download the IMSU post-UTME past questions and answers PDF FREE and Premium versions instantly. Believe me, it’s pretty straightforward.




The File Details

  • Name: IMSU Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers
  • Type: PDF
  • Size: 309KB
  • Length: 26 Pages
  • Years Covered: 2005 – Date
  • Courses/Subjects Covered: General Paper, Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Health Science, Environmental Humanities, AGRICULTURAL. ENGINEERING, SCIENCES, EDUCATION

Inside this IMSU post-UTME past questions and answers PDF are all the school faculties’ post-UTME past questions and answers arranged according to their courses/subjects. This IMSU post-UTME past questions and answers PDF covers a good number of years including the recently held post-UTME exams. You will be happy to get this and start getting prepared for your forthcoming examination right away. You sure need to pass this examination, and you will. Believe!

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Downloading the IMSU post-UTME past questions and answers PDF on PROJECTS.ng is pretty straightforward. Please see the end of this page to learn how to download it.

Note: The main purpose of this past question and answer is to reveal to you the nature and scope of the school’s post-UTME examination as well as help you gain confidence before the examination. We at PROJECTS.ng, cannot categorically tell you that the actual questions for the examination will come from this post-UTME past questions and answers. Nevertheless, we are confident that you will be on the fly after preparing your memory with this resource here.


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Below is some part of the contents of the IMSU post-UTME past questions and answers PDF FREE.



1. A stone thrown upwards from ground level with an initial velocity u. if the stone covered a total distance of 90m before hitting the ground. Determine u. neglect air resistance and take g=l0ms2 A. l20ms-1 B. 60ms-1 C. 30ms-1 D. l5ms-1

2. A cylinder contains water, the level o the water being 8cm above the bottom of the cylinder. A spherical metal bob of diameter 6cm was pat into the cylinder and the level the water rose to 9cm find the internal diameter of the cylinder. A.8cm B.l0cm C.l2cm D.l6cm

3 The tendon in a man’s leg is 0.01 m long and has a cross sectional area of 1.6×10-5m2 if Young s modulus for the tendon is 1.6 x I08Nm-2, find the extension of the tendon when a force of 5N is applied. A. 0.5x106m.1.6x105m C.2.0×105 D.3.2x104m

4. three quarters of a radioactive element decayed after three days. Find the half life of he element. A. I day B. 11/2 days C. 21/4 D.4days

5. Which of the following are true about cathode rays? they are electrons because they are negatively charge. They are charge particles because the motion is affected by a magnet ii. They have the same nature as x-rays iv. They can be diffracted. A, i, ii only B. ii, iii only C. ii, iv only D. I, iv only

6. If C is collector, B base and E emitter of a transistor, the transfer characteristics of the common base configuration is a plot of A. l against V03 with 13 constant B. I against 13 with VCB C. 13 against V, with VCB constant D. 1= against I with VEB constant

7. A. man stands 3m in front of a plane mirror, if the mirror is moved lm away from the man the distance between him and his image is A.4m B.6m C.8m D.l0rn

8. The velocity of light in a liquid is 0.80 as fast as it sin air. Find the refractive index of the liquid A. 0.40 B. 0.80 C. 1.25 D. 1.60

9. When an object is placed at a distance greater than twice the focal length in front of a convex lens, the image formed is A. real, inverted and diminished B. Real erect and magnified . C. virtual, erect and diminished D. real inverted and magnified

10. Which of the following are true about evaporation? it is possible to freeze a liquid by evaporation ii. evaporation takes place at all temperatures iii. solids do not evaporate iv. it does not involve change of the density of a liquid A. i, ii, iii, iv B. i, ii, iii, only C. ii, iii iv only D. I, ii, iv only

11. A lead rod is 150cm long at 2u To hat temperature im.st the rod be heated to make it expand by 9m? The coefficient of linear expansion is 2.7x 10-50 C-1 f A.1840c B.208°c C.2220c D.2420c

12. A mercury thread has length of 12cm and 25cm respectively at the ice and steam points.
Find the temperature when the thread is 18cm long A. 46.2°c B. 550 c C. 69.30c D 86 40c



IMSU Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF

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