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Taxation is the legal demand made by the federal government or the state government on its citizens to pay money income, goods and services.

In less complex society in which government has duties and responsibilities, financial need of the government income greater consequently taxes – increase and their effect on the economy become more important.

Thus among the traditional function of the government is the provision of the public goods i.e goods cannot be divided among the separate members of the society and which must be used or welfare of all people in the society. Among the goods services are maintenance of law and orders, defense against external aggression and control of business and trade to ensure social and economic justice.

Moreso, this project work will be divided into five chapters. The first chapter which is the reintroduction, background to the study, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, significance of the study, scope and limitation of the study and definition of terms.

Furthermore, the second chapter is centered on literature reviews which is the introduction assessable income or profit, total administration of income tax, capital transfer tax administration, while chapter three is research, methodology that is introduction, sample and sampling method, method of data collection and method of data analysis.

The Chapter four of this project is centered on data presentation that is the introduction data presentation, and analysis.

While the last Chapter five is centered on summary, conclusion, recommendation, contribution, to the filed of knowledge and references.


Title Page                 –                       –               i

Approval Page           –                       –               ii

Dedication                –                       –               iii

Acknowledgement     –                       –               iv-vi

Proposal                   –                       –               vii-ix

Table of contents      –                       –               x-xii



  • Introduction –                       –               1-3
  • Statement of the problem –               3-4
  • Aims and objectives of the study –       4-5
  • Significance of the study         –       –       5-6
  • Scope and Limitation of the study –       6-8
  • Definition of terms         –       –       8-10



  • Introduction –               –               11-12
  • Ascertainment of Assessable income of profit 12-16
  • Total income –               –               16-17
  • Administration of income, Tax personnel income, Tax Administration –               –                17-20
  • Capital Transfer Tax Administration –       20-22
  • Capital Gain Tax Administration –       22-23
  • Companies Income tax Administration 23-24
  • Petroleum Profit tax Administration –       24-27



  • Introduction –               –               28
  • Research Method –               –               29
  • Historical Background of the case study 29-33
  • Sample and sampling method 33-34
  • Method of data collection         –       –       34-35
  • Method of Data Analysis         –       –       35-36



  • Introduction –               –       –       37-39
  • Data Presentation and data analysis –       39-41
  • Data Analysis –               –               41-44
  • Research findings –               –               44-47


  • Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation 48

5.1   Introduction             –               –               –       48

5.2   Summary of Findings               –               –    48-49

5.3   Conclusion                               –               –    49-50

5.4   Recommendation                      –               –     50-52

5.5    Contribution of the study to the field of knowledge 52

Reference.                         –        –               –       54





It is generally believed that taxation if the main sources of government revenue. The money realized from the tax is for the benefit of all and people must attain certain age before they can start the payment of tax.

We can view tax as a compulsory payment or levy imposed on individual and firm by the government. It’s also made by the government on the citizen, non diplomatic residents and property owners within the country irrespective of the exact amount of services rendered to the tax payer in return. This chapter discusses tax revenue in Nigeria as well as the purpose of tax revenue.

There are also property tax, i.e the tenement rather than on legal documents.

The world “Income” does not have a specific meaning of definition. Economist define income as the sum total of earning of a government consumption – unit that can be separate during particular period and still have same net asset value in money terms at the end of the period as at the beginning of the period.

Income from the factors of production i.e land, labour and capital can be categorized as follow for income tax purpose.

The land receiver rent, labour receives wages and salaries while capital receive interest and entrepreneur receive dividends.

The administration of income tax which is the topic of the project is on how the government administer the various types of taxes applicable to Kwara State are company income tax, capital gain tax, petroleum profit and purchase tax.

There are various types of taxes. These are import and excise duties tax (this levied on goods important and export respectively).

Exercise duties levied on goods produced within the country. Consumption tax (this is levied on consumers of goods and services).


The main problem to be addressed during the research work includes.

What is the utilization of the income tax?

What is the aims of government in generating income and tax administration in a country?

How does administration of income tax services as (means) for the government?

How is government able to generate income in Nigeria?

In what ways does income and tax helps the country e.g Nigeria.


The aims and objectives behind the study of income tax administration in Ilorin with particular reference to Kwara State board of Internal revenue.

Firstly, form the following the role played by the tax collectors and tax payers in an economy and also to know the role played by the inspector of taxes in the collection of various taxes.

Secondly to find out whether the adequate number of complete absence of qualified accountant in the staff of the tax authorities. Inadequate book keeping by the tax payer, legal tax allowance, illegal tax erosion. Illiteracy poor income tax authorities are responsible for the revenue realization from income tax.

Thirdly to let people know the important of income tax administration and its contribution to the economy of Kwara State.

Lastly, to assist low tax payers and tax authorities have contributed to economy growth.


It is hope that the study with provide variable information on the function and operation for the benefit of the state. The study is therefore significance to the studies in the subject of income tax administration in Nigeria because if further helps in shading light and some relevant concepts. Methods of income tax would provide means of making amendment where necessary for efficiency and effectiveness in the country. Tax helps the government to generate revenue for the utilization of the state or country.


This project is designed to research on income tax administration, in Kwara State with particular reference to board of Internal revenue and to find out how much revenue collected is been of utilized.

Whether government of Kwara State is able to meet is target allowant and to survey and analysis as much as possible the system of revenue collection and enforcement procedure order the income tax management Act (ITMA) 1961 and the relevant Kwara State Law. And attempt has being made analysis the conservation both internal and external, it is intended also after which analysers to attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of the collection and enforcement procedure in Kwara State.

The Scope of the Study has also included how the Kwara State Government administrative various types of income tax based on individual, company and partnership, the view reactions of various payer and problem associated with the tax collections.

However, this project should be considered from one prospective only, being academic and making founding based on the responses of the respondents.

The limitation to this study is that, in undertaking a research work in any field human endeavour one is usually failed with some constraint which this research work is not on exception, some of the obstacles are secret that is some information were branded “TOP SECRET” which means it is not mean for outsider consumption. Another problem encountered in the process of the research is the insufficient time giving for the writing and submission.

Financial the research is another due to the fact that there was no enough financial research work cannot be intensified. However the objectivity of the analsis in the research work helps to compensate for the constraints enumerate above.


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