Labour Management Relations And Its Effect On Labour Productivity (A Case Study of the Subsidy Removal Strike Action in January 2012)

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PROJECT TOPIC AND MATERIAL ON Labour Management Relations And Its Effect On Labour Productivity

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Labour management relations connote a relationship between workers as individuals in their collective entity with their employer.  In this study, a number of factors seems to be responsible for job dissatisfaction among workers.  These include, poor salary, poor condition of service, lack of promotion etc.  This study revealed that when the relationship that exists between labour and management is not cordial, it will affect productivity and this could be in form of poor communication.  This study is designed to find out the effect on workers productivity in subsidy removal strike action in January, 2012 through the relationship that exist between the labour and management, and among staff.  The study will be of benefit to the labour, workers, management and the entire masses.


Title Page

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Table of Contents




  • Background of the Study
  • Statement of the Problem
  • Research Question
  • Objective of the Study/Purpose
  • Significance of the Study
  • Scope of the Study
  • Limitations of the Study
  • Definition of Terms


Literature Review

  • Introduction
  • Effect of Mutual Relations Between Workers and Management
  • Effects of Communication
  • Effect of Labour Participation in Management Decision Making
  • Effect of Leadership Style
  • Effect of Motivation
  • Summary of Literature Review


Research Design and Methodology

  • Introduction
  • Research Design and Methodology
  • Sources of Data
  • Method of Data Collection
  • Sampling Method/Techniques
  • Validity and Reliability of Measuring Instrument Validity
  • Method of Data Analysis


Data Presentation and Analysis

  • Introduction
  • Presentation and Analysis of Data According to Questions


Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations

  • Summary of Findings
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations






Basically, there are two categories of groups that exists in an organization namely; labour and management.  These groups formed the pilot upon which major actions or activities revolve.  It is obvious that labour is made up of groups of individuals that come from different backgrounds. They have different ideologies.  The management on the other hand form the policy making body of the organization.   This conflict may affect the worker as an individual or as a member of a group in the organization.   The organizational goal therefore becomes a great task for the management.

Their ability to manage the situation creates a good atmosphere for growth both for the individual and the organization. If on the contrary the relationship is strained, the efficiency of the workers is seriously jeopardized.  The above assertion necessitates the study of the effect of labour management on workers’ productivity.

According to Ugbo (2003:2), management is the process of integrating resources and task towards the achievement of stated organizational goals.  Management could be summarized from two perspectives namely, management as a process of organization.



The Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc formerly known as National Electric Authority (NEPA) was established on the 24th April, 1974 with the emigration of Electric Corporation of Nigeria (ECN) and Niger Dams maintained and efficient supply to the entire nation.  It start ed with four major stations namely; Ijora, Delta, Kainji and Afa power station.

Afam Power station is located in the out sketch of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.  It is one of the earliest power stations built and managed by the Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc.  It was built in 1963 and it uses natural dry g as and oil to run the machine and that is why Afam Station was chosen as one of the power station because of the relatively cheap and available natural gas in the region.



Besides, certain factors can make workers to perform effectively and efficiently in their places of work.  A number of factors seem to be responsible for job dissatisfaction.  This includes:

  1. Poor salary
  2. Lack of promotion opportunity,
  3. Poor communication
  4. Unattractive fringe benefits and
  5. Late payment of salary

It is understandable that when the relationship that exists between labour and management is not cordial, it will affect productivity.  Moreover, this study is designed to find out the effect of labour relations on workers productivity in Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc Afam via the relationship that exists between the labour management and staff.



The purpose of this study is:

  1. To determine the effect of employee relationship with the management.
  2. To ascertain effect of management labour relation on productivity.
  3. To recognize and evaluate workers performance.
  4. To recommend to the management on how to improve workers productivity based on the findings of the study.



This work was carried out to find out solutions to the under listed questions:

  1. What are the effects of employee relationship with the management?
  2. To what extent does management labour relation affect productivity?
  3. To what extent does the labour enjoy good working relationship with the management of Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc?



       This research was carried out in order to examine the relationship among staff and its effect on workers productivity.  This study will be of benefit to:

  1. The workers
  2. The management
  3. Government and the entire masses.

In view of this, the study is designed to analyze factors that can influence the productivity of workers using Power Holding Company of Nigeria, Afam as a case study.  It is believed that at the end of this study, the course of good labour would have been chartered.  When good management relation is observed the management will allow the labour some opportunity to influence decision and to apply their initiatives as this will yield high productivity for the organization.



This study was delimited to evaluate the labour management relation and the corporation among staff.  It focused on finding the effect of the marketing department of the Power Holding Station in Oyibo local government area of Rivers State.



In the course of this study, the researcher encountered lots of constraint.  Moreover, money and a time constraints were another constraint of this study.  Equally, the inability to include other corporation (i.e. organization) is owing to limited fund and time factors earlier mentioned.



       The terms used in this study which have unique meaning that could be subjected to this project report are defined as follows:

  • Joint Consultant: It is a process or machinery set of motives for labour and management to sit together and iron out their problems or differences.
  • Management: This is a set of group of people that occupies the high posts or problems in an organization.  They controls and take decision concerning an enterprise or business in other to achieve the organizational goals or objectives effectively and efficiently.
  • Organization: This could be defined as a social and economic entity in which different individuals perform a variety of functions in other to achieve their goals.
  • Relation: It is the art of relating or interacting between a thing and people of relative quality or combination.


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