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Inside this Mathematics JAMB past questions and answers PDF are several years of Mathematics JAMB examination past questions and answers including the most recent JAMB examinations because we update it every year. You will be happy to get this and start getting prepared right away. You sure need to pass this exam, and believe me, you will.


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Note: The main purpose of this past question and answer is to reveal to you the nature and scope of the JAMB examination as well as help you gain confidence before the examination. We at, cannot categorically tell you that the actual questions for the examination will come from this Mathematics JAMB past questions and answers PDF. Nevertheless, we are confident that you will be on the fly after preparing your memory with this resource here.


JAMB Past Questions and Answers on Mathematics (1983 – 2019)

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Mathematics 1983

1. If M represents the median and D the mode of the
measurements 5, 9, 3, 5, 8 then (M,D) is
A. (6,5) B. (5,8) C. (5,7)
D. (5,5) E. (7,5)

2. A construction company is owned by two partners X
and Yand it is agreed that their profit will be divided in
the ratio 4:5. at the end of the year. Y received #5,000
more than x. what is the total profit of the company for
the year?
A. #20,000.00 B. P’0#25,000.00 C. #30,000.00
D. #15,000.003 E.#45,000.00

3. Given a regular hexagon, calculate each interior angle
of the hexagon.
A. 600 B. 300 C. 1200
D. 450 E. 1350

4. Solve the following equations
4x – 3 = 3x + y = 2y + 5x – 12
A. 4x=5, y= 2 B. x=2, y=5 C. x=-2, y=-5
D. x=5,y=-2 E. x=-5,y=-2

5. If x = 1 is root of the equation
x3 – 2×2 – 5x + 6, find the other roots
A. -3and2 B. –2 and2 C. 3and –2
D. 1and 3 E. –3and 1

6. If x is jointly proportional to the cube of y and the
fourth power of z. In what ratio is x increased or
decreased when y is halved and z is doubled?
A. 4:1 increase B. 2:1increase C. 1:4 decrease
D. 1: 1 nochange E. 3: 4 decrease

In the above figure PQR = 600, QPR= 900, PRS = 900,
RPS = 450,QR= 8cm.DeterminePS
A. 2Ö3cm B. 4Ö6cm C. 2Ö6cm
D. 8Ö6cm E. 8cm

8. Given that cos z = L, where z is an acute angle find an
expression for Co +Z – cosecz
sec Z + tan z
A. l – L B. L2-Ö1-L2 C. -L-Ö1-L
1+L L2+L-1 (C1+L) +Ö1-L2
D. ÖL-1. E. L-(L2-1)
(L1+L2) +Ö1-L2 1+ Ö1 – L2+ Ö1 – L2

9. If 0.0000152 x 0.00042 =Ax108,where
1 £A< 10, findAand B.
A. A= 9, B= 6`.38 B. A= 6.38, B = -9 C. A= 6.38, B = 9
D. A= 6.38, B = -1 E. A= 6.38, B= 1

10. If x + 2 and x – 1 are factors of the expressions lx +
2kx2 + 24, find the values of l and k
A. l=-6,k=-9 B. l=-2,k= 1 C. l=-2,k=-1
D. l=0,k= 1 E. l=6,k= 0

11. Make T the subject of the equation
av = 3 2V + T
1- V a 2T
A. 3av/(1-v) B. 2v(1-v)2 – a2v2/2a2v2 – (1-V)2
C. 2v(1 – v)2 + a3v2/ 2a2v2 + (1 – v)2
D. 2v(1 – v)2 – a4v3/2a3v3 – (1 – v)3
E. 2v(1-v)3 – a4v3/2a3v3 + (1-v)3

In a class of 60 pupils, the statistical distribution of the
number of pupils offering Biology, History, French,
Geography andAdditionalMathematics is as shown in
the pie chart above. Howmany pupils offerAdditional
A. 15 B. 10 C. 18
D. 12 E. 28

13 The value of (0.303)3 – (0.02)3 is
A. 0.019 B. 0.0019 C. 0.00019
D. 0.000019 E. 0.000035

14. y varies partly as the square of x and y partly as the
inverse of the square root of x. write down the
expression for y if y= 2 when x = 1 and y= 6 when x =
A. y = 10×2 + 52 B. y = x2 + 1
31 31Öx Öx
C. y= x2 + 1 D. y= x2 + 1 E. y = 10 (x2 + 1 )
x 31 31Ö x 31( Öx)

15. Simplify (x – 7) / (x2 – 9) ( x2 – 3x)/( x2 – 49)
A. x/(x-3)(x+7) B. (x+3)(x+7)/x C. x/(x-3)(x –
D. x/(x+3)(x+7) E. x/(x+4)(x+7)

16. The lengths of the sides of a right-angled triangle at (3x
+ 1)cm, (3x – 1)cmand x cm.
A. 2 B. 6 C. 18
D. 12 E. 0

17. The scores of a set of a final year students in the first
semester examination in a paper are
41,29,55,21,47,70,70,40,43,56,73,23,50,50. find themedian
of the scores.
A. 47 B. 481/2 C. 50
D. 48 E. 49



Mathematics JAMB Past Questions and Answers PDF

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