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This research work is designed to find out the modern strategies of improving the performance of students in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. The research instrument used was the questionnaire, 100 respondents were used for the study. Problem was raised and the result obtained was used to answer the research questions the result of the investigation revealed that.



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Table of content


Background of the study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Research question

Scope of the study

Limitation of the study

Definition of terms


Review of related literature

A brief introduction of this chapter comprising of sub-heading to be treated

Discussion of these relevant sub-heading by reviewing recent related works of other authors

A brief summary of chapter 2


Methodology and procedure of the study

Research design

Population of the study

Sample of the study

Sampling techniques adopted


Validation of instrument

Method of data collection

Method of data analysis


Presentation of data and discussion of results

Use of relevant table or statistics to present and analyze the data

A discussion of the results derived from the data


Summary, conclusion and recommendation

Bibliography or references






Chemistry is a branch of science which was last major subject that was introduced into the school curriculum.

Chemistry is taught in the senior secondary school in other for the students to acquire knowledge that will make them useful to them and to the society they belong.

The main aim of studying chemistry is to study matter which includes it composition, properties and the changes it undergoes.

Chemistry requires experimental work in laboratory for development. Laboratory work is essential for putting theoretical principles into practice and testing proposed, hypothesis, therefore proficiency in laboratory work is essential for them to become good chemistry. In the course of a laboratory work, one translates practice application and gradually widens the scope. Chemistry aim at building up the ability to solve carefully and speedily problems which come constantly in variety of ways

Further more, chemistry as a branch of science requires special skills when teaching it and as such following skills are developed in the students studying chemistry, skills includes identifying problems, asking questions, formulating hypothesis, observing, measuring etc. in order to improve the performance of students studying chemistry in secondary school, laboratory exercise in an integral part and should be used only when.

  1. Laboratory practical are readily needed as a means of verifying a scientific law, principle or a theory already known to the students.
  2. It is needed as means of obtaining and learning scientific information.
  3. The laboratory practical can be meshed with text book and other learning activities.
  4. It is needed as means of obtaining scientific skills and knowledge.

Some experiments are performed outside the laboratory just as some laboratory activities cannot be classed experiment while most laboratory activities are conceived in order to provide practice in designing, operating and interpreting data, however experiment are operations or proceeding designing for purpose of testing is supposition, confirming what is known and discovering what  hat not be known (unknown) chemistry also enables the students to developed confidence in what do and themselves as an individuals, as it involves matter.

The inception of natural study was introduced by people who were both specialist in science and chemistry as it branch which is a dynamic and inevitable learning experience for the students. However, once entrusted to teachers with little or no background studying in chemistry with varying degree of teaching. The effectiveness of the study on the nature of chemistry in the secondary school is degenerated bodily at the point, we define chemistry as the study of matter including it properties, reactions, composition and it changes from one state to another state of matter.

The student’s education attainment in chemistry is inevitable and should be viewed with a lot incentive in both teaching and learning on the side of the teachers and students respectively at all levels. The training of students is very importance.

Since the extent of a nations future labour force, leadership political stability and strength of technical advancement lies in the hand of students it therefore hoped that this write up shall unveil some factors responsible for the poor performance of the students in chemistry subjects in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.


The importance of chemistry cannot be over emphasized as it implication to the social and economic life of the people who are well recognized by every nation and some of it knowledge is applied in industries like brewery industries, food, medicine, textile will and constructing companies. It can’t be over stated at large.

Further more, on the importance of chemistry, it is applied in refinery in the separation of crude oils into it fraction of crude oils includes petroleum gases, petroleum esters, petrol, kerosene, gas oil and bitumen, diesel oil, lubricating oil and other residues which are some economical importance to the nation at large the study of chemistry has lead to the development of chemical industries and has importance effect soon or after the middle ages. Soaps, acids and other basic chemical are now produced knowledge gained from the study of chemistry is used in the manufacture of fertilizer to increase the fertility of the soil which provide food for the nation, plastics, ceramics, paints, cement, soap and detergent, and drinks etc. chemistry in one way of the order affect the standard of living of people in Edo State, nations at large.

It is necessary to lay more emphasis on scientific knowledge which v is part of this respect; Fafuwa (1997) suggested that science should be made a compulsory subject in secondary and tertiary institution. As well as educating the masses so that Edo State will be able to move from its static role of a spectator to that of an actor in this exciting break through chemistry should be taught effectively in order to bring about technological advancement and development in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo and Nigeria at large, as it affect the live of the people.

Chemistry as a branch of science requires scientific skills and techniques and as such chemistry teachers should improve their teaching strategies or techniques in order to improve the performance of students in chemistry in secondary schools since the teaching and studying of chemistry will among other things infuse desirable qualities into secondary school students in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State, such achievement will beneficial not only to the individuals students in Local Government Area, but also to Edo State and the nation as a whole.


In this project the researcher intends to identify the problems and strategies of solving them in doing the following questions call for attention.

What are the qualification of the chemistry teachers?   

How experienced are the teachers?

Does the school have chemistry equipment and well equipped laboratory?

How often is the model equipment used?

Are there adequate chemistry text book?

Are the classes conducive for the students and the teachers to handle practical work?

How many periods of chemistry are there in the school time table?

What efforts are the government and community making to solve these problems?

The researcher is of the view that the above questions would help to identify the modern strategies of improving chemistry student’s performance in our secondary schools.


The purpose of this project is to investigate on the modern strategies for improving the academic performance of students in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.

The researcher further finds out the general view held by the public as to the cause of chemistry student’s poor level of achievement and performance in chemistry.

To examine ways by which chemistry in some selected secondary schools can be improved and have better performance on the students

To search further if learning chemistry concept and conceptual schemes will increase the performance of the students in chemistry.

To make students become familiar with the key operation of chemistry and strategies they can use it improve their performance.

To help chemistry students acquire proficiency through problems solves and hence build critical and creative thinking in them.

To guide students in developing desirable behaviour towards acquiring chemistry skills, attitude, application and interest.

To help students according to their own ability and interest their rate of learning, develop interest and needs, it also enables the students to cope in the dynamic world and be useful to the society they belong.


The significance of the study be and large lies in the fact that the performance of students in chemistry over the years facilitates an assessment for mapping out the strategies that will improve the performance of chemistry students in the nears future especially in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State and Nigeria at large.

The study aimed at arousing the interest of the students in studying chemistry through;

  1. Bring questions or problems that can be solve class by Appling what has been learnt to news situation, which will serve as an evaluation techniques.
  2. Bring challenges to show and rigid learners through oral written test.

This also aims at significantly the importance of experience, to pinpoint to students that are learning chemistry through reading is important since this help the students to develop their mental ability through thinking and learning it teach the students how to use reading materials like the chemistry textbooks effectively knowing that there are several sources of information available on different reading level, it also help students in developing their chemistry terms and ways of applying them.


  1. What are the qualifications of teachers teaching chemistry in the selected secondary school of Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State?
  2. Is there equipment in the chemistry laboratory?
  3. How often is the use of model equipment when teaching chemistry?
  4. How many periods are used in teaching chemistry in a week?
  5. Is there adequate equipment in laboratory?
  6. How many times have you gone for excursion in your school?
  7. Do you use lab coat during chemistry practical?


The researcher is restricted to the selected Local Government Area in Edo State. They are as follows:

  1. Imaguoro College, Sapele Road Oredo Local Government Area.
  2. Oredo Girls Secondary School, Behind Imaguero College Oredo
  3. Emotan College, Wire Road, Oredo
  4. Idia College, Iyaro, Oredo.
  5. New Era College, Upper Mission Road, Oredo.


       This study covers the performance of chemistry students in some selected girls secondary schools, in oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.

The researcher was limited to ten government owned and financed secondary school but selected five government owned girls schools.

The researcher pass through a lot rejection from vice principals and disappointment, financial constraints and time for research were also part of the limitation.


Science: This is organized body of knowledge of people that have gained using that system of experiment and observation. Science deal with testing and verifying ideas or involves interpreting evidence from the past and include the model of evolution and special creation. This can be also being seen as an accumulated body of knowledge and skills about nature.

Observation: This is the act of making records of practical or experiment patently carefully and the measurement of the experiment. Observation is also a way of collecting or gathering of data or information by watch behaviour, events, or noting physical characteristics in their natural setting, it can be direct or in directed.

Experiment: A test done in learning something or discover whether something works or is true some experiment are performed out side the laboratory.

Laboratory: This can be defined a room or building with scientific equipment for doing scientific test or teaching science and doing piratical work. It can also be seen as a room or building use for scientific research experiment, testing etc. it can be also be conceived as a place where scientific activities take place.

Laboratory: These can be defined as test done to verify scientific principle law or theory already known to students in the laboratory and as such arte different from experiment.

Scientific equipment: laboratory equipment this is the various tools and instruments used by scientist working in a laboratory to perform experiment, these include tools like, Bunsen burner, conical flask beaker, burette, pipette, reforested etc.

Scientific principle: These are scientific method use in collectively and over time; endeavour to construct an accurate that is reliable consistent and non arbitrary representation of the world. It is also know as the step or order taken to discover natural phenomena around us.

Chemistry: This is the branch of pure science that deal with the study of composition, properties and uses of matter undergoes. It can be defined as the study of matter and it various component it can further be referred to as one of the three main branches of science that is concerned with the nature of substance and how they react with each other.

Matter: This can be defined as anything that has mass and occupy space.

Qualified teacher: They are those set of teachers that are trained in institution and certified as professional teachers e.g. TC II, N.C.E and B.ED.

Experienced Teachers: They are those set of teachers that has taught or has been teaching for years. In other words they are those kind of teachers that gain knowledge or skill over a period of time through seeing and doing things rather than through studying.



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