Multi Drug Resistance Patterns Of Listeria Species In Frozen And Live Chicken Sold In Owerri

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PROJECT TOPIC AND MATERIAL ON Multi Drug Resistance Patterns Of Listeria Species In Frozen And Live Chicken Sold In Owerri

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This study carried out aimed at determine the multi drug resistance patterns of Listeria species in frozen and live chicken sold in Owerri. Isolated Listeria spp. where identified using biochemical and bacteriological identification scheme. The antimicrobial susceptibility was tested for each isolates. The following antibiotics tested using Bauer–Kirby technique (Anon. 1997) are, 10 μg ampicillin (A10), 30 μg chloramphenicol (C30), 15 μg erythromycin (E15), 10 μg gentamicin (CN10), 10 units penicillin G (P10), 10 μg streptomycin (S10), 30 μg tetracycline (TE30) or 30 μg vancomycin (VA30). After inoculation (organisms and antibiotics) and incubation of the plates with the antibiotics, the diameter (in mm) of the zone around each disc was measured and interpreted in accordance with the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS) guidelines. Form the study, Chloramphenicol, Gentamycin, Vanconmycin and Erthromycin were 100% sensitive. Streptomycin and Penicillin were 75% sensitive and  Tetracyclin and Ampicillin showed 50% sensitive.




Listeria species are ubiquitous bacteria, well adaptable in the environment, in animal and vegetable foods. The genus Listeria comprises seven species. Six of them ( L. grayi, L. innocua, L. ivanovii, L. welshimeri, L. murrayi and L. seeligeri) are not usually pathogenic for humans, while L. monocytogenes is considered one of the major foodborne pathogens that can induce listeriosis in humans and animals

(McLauchlin, 1997). Human listeriosis is associated with consumption of contaminated milk, soft cheese, undercooked meat, and unwashed raw vegetables and cabbage (Oliver et al., 2005; Aygun & Pelivanlar, 2006; Colak et al., 2007). It may range from mild flu2like sickness to severe manifestations. Groups at highest risk are pregnant women, neonates, adults with underlying disease, elderly and immunocompromised individuals (McLauchlin et al.,2004).

The excessive use of antimicrobials has led to antibiotic resistance and particularly multiresistance, which are important public health concerns since they may cause failure of therapeutic treatment. Furthermore, antimicrobials used as growth promoters in animal feed have resulted in the dissemination of antimicrobial to resistant bacteria into the environment (Jansen et al., 2003). Monitoring the antimicrobial resistance of L. monocytogenes in humans and animals is important to control the use of antimicrobial agents and prevent the spread of multi2drug resistant bacteria (Harakeh et al., 2009).

Currently, there is limited information regarding the prevalence and antimicro2

bial susceptibility patterns of Listeria spp.  in foods in Iran. Therefore, the present

study was undertaken to determine the prevalence and the antimicrobial resistance rate of  Listeria strains isolated from traditional dairy product samples in Chahar Mahal & Bakhtyari province, Iran.


This study aim at determining the multi drug resistance patterns of listeria species in frozen and live chicken sold in Owerri and its objectives is as stated;

  1. To isolates Listeriia spp. from poultry meat
  2. Identification of Listeria spp. from poultry meat
  3. Evaluation of the antimicrobial profile of isolated Listeria spp.





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