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Nigerian Navy (NN) DSSC Past Questions and Answers PDF

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Inside this Nigerian Navy DSSC Past Questions and Answers PDF are all the past questions and answers for the Nigerian Navy (NN) since 2017 arranged according to categories. You will be glad to grab this file and start getting prepared for your Nigerian Navy examination/aptitude test right away.

Nigerian Navy (NN) Examination Question Format

The Nigerian Navy Examination consist of three basic parts which are:

  1. English language
  2. Mathematics
  3. General Knowledge

English language

They consist of opposite in meaning, nearest in meaning and filling the gap. There are usually 20 questions in all.


They consist of percentage, ratio, simple interest, sets, probability, sets, statistics, conversions, simple and compound interest, age and work, area and volumes, profits and loss e.t.c. In all there are usually 20 questions to answer.

General Knowledge

This question usually covers a wide area including the other subjects like chemistry, physics, biology, history of Nigeria, Nigeria current affair, all about Nigerian Air Force, World organizations such as OPEC, UN, ECOWAS, OAU as well as knowledge of information technology e.t.c. In all there are usually 10 questions, sometimes even 20 questions.

Note: The total number of questions per seating is 50.

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List of Nigerian Navy (NN) Examination Past Questions and Answers


A labourer is paid N5,400:00k per month. What is his total salary in 1 3/4years?
(a) N113,40:00
(b) N64,800:00
(c) N97,200:00
(d) N129,600:00 ANS – A

1. Which of the following will sink when placed on water?
(a) Ball
(b) Plastic Cup
(c) Balloon
(d) Eraser ANS – D

2. The following are domestic birds except
(a) Duck
(b) Pigeon
(c) Turkey
(d) Vulture ANS – D

3. A boy buys a biscuit for N4 and sells it at a profit of 20%. Find the actual price and the selling price?
(a) i =N1.00k, ii = N5.00k
(b) i = 60k, ii = N4.40k
(c) i = 80k, ii = N4.80k
(d) i = 50k, ii = N4.50k ANS – C

4. A man buys recharge card for N500. He sells it for N430. What is the percentage loss?
(a) 7%
(b) 9%
(c) 14%
(d) 20% ANS – C

5. The title of the traditional ruler of Benin is called…………………………..
(a) Obi
(b) Obong
(c) Oba
(d) Igwe ANS – C

6. Which of these is not a method of preventing iron from rusting?
(a) Lubrication
(b) Galvanization
(c) Melting
(d) Painting ANS – C

7. Which of the following is not a rainbow colour?
(a) Indigo
(b) Purple
(c) Orange
(d) Green ANS – B

8. A person who flies an aircraft is called……………………..
(a) A captain
(b) A craftologist
(c) A pilot
(d) An aeronautics engineer ANS – C

9. Kwame Nkrumah Museum is located in…………………………….
(a) Tanzania
(b) Kenya
(c) Mauritania
(d) Ghana ANS – D

10. An example of confluence town in Nigeria is……………………………..
(a) Onitsha
(b) Obudu
(c) Lokoja
(d) Port Harcout ANS – C

11. A trained person that specializes in the treatment of diseases and disorders of the teeth is called…………….
(a) Cardiologist
(b) Dermatologist
(c) Physician
(d) Dentist ANS – D

12. A bricklayer is Paid N1000:00k for 5 days work. What is his pay for 22 days work?
(a) N22,000:00k
(b) N50,000:00k
(c) N4,400:00k
(d) N5,000:00k ANS – C

13. In parliamentary system of government, members of the parliament are required to report the proceedings of the house to their…………………………
(a) Local government chairman and governors
(b) Constituencies
(c) Political parties and party stalwarts
(d) Traditional rulers ANS – B

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Nigerian Navy DSSC Past Questions and Answers PDF

Nigerian Navy DSSC Past Questions and Answers PDF

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