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         Before, banks were established in Nigeria. Nigerian had ways of keeping their  valuable thins like Gold, and money at home, under pillow or buried in the ground. In fact, through these ways money could be lost, supposing  the owner died without informing his children  or any other relatives, the money may be lose forever.

         In 1892, ht e first commercial bank was established  in Nigeria when the African Banking  Corporation established a branch in Lagos, branches of other expatiates a banking business  called bank of British West African  and Barclays bank were established.

         In 1912, the case of Nigerian businessmen  was dearly published in a pamphlet title “wanted Bank for West Africa” an appeal was also made to financers in great  Britain by native traders in Lagos. The pamphlet painted out that the existing banks rates were too high and prohibitive, so they called for establishment of more banks to bosom the monopolistic power.

         In fact, commercial banks might have enjoyed the past years when they are newly established since there was no keen competition but they operated on service oriented goal rather than consumer oriented goal. This attitude needs to be changed to increase patronage and profitability.


         The problems of personal selling cannot be overlooked despite the usefulness of personal selling in both industrial despite the usefulness of personal selling in both industrial and consumer market. There difficulties a rise form a number of problems that faces sales person.

         The problems are:

SIZE AND LOCATION OF MARKET: Large and wide spread market such as retails outlets for those moving customer goods can only be covered at a great cost of massive sales forces. Some manufacturers branded, packaged food stuff employs such sale force. These sell to retail and wholesale customers who vary in size from giant national multiple down to independent customer shops, such sales force are very expensive to maintain and many have been seen reductions during recent years.

TIME LAGS: Where there is  Lagos between arousing customer interest and  receipts of order, the use of such ratio as sales order to  sales call may be meaningless business may take longtime to develop, especially in management  can do is to monitor:

  1. Size of customer order and
  2. The ratio of sales proposal to sales achieved

GEOGRAPHICAL SPREAD: More than half of 9 million of customers are spread all over the nation which sales people have to cover. This will increase the cost of distribution which will equally affect the turn over of the company.


   The following questions were examined and have been provided solutions.

         Does personal selling creates more awareness than other promotional mix in banking industries?

Does promotional mix used by banking industries makes their services known to the customer?

Are the attitudes of staff in banking industry goods and encouraging to customers?


A research hypothesis is a specific statement of expected outcomes of an experiment. The following hypothesis tested in the research work.

         H0: Personal selling creates more awareness than other promotional mix in banking industry

         H1: Personal selling creates more awareness than other promotional mix in banking industry

         H0: The attitude of staff in the banking industry are discomforting and not encouraging to customers.

         H1: The attitudes of staff in the banking industry are good and encouraging to customers.


         In view of this, the researchers critically examine the significance of personal selling in Nigeria Banking industry to customers and to the society at large.

         It is over hope that at the end of this study, it significance would have manifested itself to the sales management of the banking industry. Banking which naturally should be interested in any suggestion toward on improved efficiency and standard of living of the people through saving and income which lead to investments. Under estimate the difficulties they will problems of the indigenous merchants.

         Despite the appeal by merchants and businessmen, the problem persisted before, during an dafter the first world wear (1914 -1918) and any hope of establishing an indigenous bank ended in failure.


         The scope of this research work shall be limited to general and ministration and geography are of United Bank of Africa, it concept rationale of personal selling which may included the  eventual  in acceptability  of their services.

         Therefore, the long run survival of the bank makes the choice of services innovation inevitable.

THEORETICAL SCOPE: The area of coverage of this research work is centered on the personal selling as an effective promotional tool in Nigeria banking industry.

GEOGRAPHICAL SCOPE: The Company’s name used as the case study by the researcher is United Bank for Africa. It deals with ways keeping their things like money, Gold and other valuable things like documents in the bank and it is located at Muritala Muhammed road, Ilorin. Precisely, it is situated at No 1,2,3 Muritalla Muhammed way it Ilorin.

INDUSTRIAL SCOPE: This scope is different from one company to another. In the chapter one of the projects is the organizational chart of United Bank of Africa (UBA), which indicates functional lines of authorities which indicates functional of personal selling and more so as a means by which their organizations aims are formulated and achieved.

TIME SCOPE: The current fact about united bank of Africa,

(UBA)  is of few years back which is 2010.


In the process of collecting data of this research work, a lot of constraints, were encountered. First of such constraints was the non response and like worth attitude of some of the respondents.

         My customers are willing to give objective owners concerning their  saving level  as a result of  fear that the information given might be used for something use which even  sat the researcher down while asking relevant  questions.

         Finally, the study is limited in its findings due to the high cost of research, materials and these made it impossible to carry out the research work on a large scale.


MONEY: A current medium of exchange in form of bank notes and coins. It can also be defined as anything that can be used as medium of exchange and settlement of debt.

BANK: A financial establishment that invests money deposited by customer, pays it out when required, makes loan as at interest and exchanges.

FINANCE: The management of large amounts of money especially by government or large companies.

PERSONAL SELLING:  A sale in the pinnacle activity involved in the selling products or services in return for money or other compensation.




Chapter one of the project talks about the background, introduction of the study, stating the problems and objectives with the significance, scopes and definition of some key terms.

Chapter two of the project talks about literature review of the study

Chapter three of the project talks about research methodology and design, data collection method collection method, data analysis, presentation of definition of population.

Chapter four deals with the brief history of the case study which is the United Bank for Africa, Analysis of problem, testing of hypothesis and summary of findings.

Chapter five deals with the summary, conclusion and recommendation.



Title page                                                                 i

Certification                                                              ii

Dedication                                                                iii

Acknowledgement                                                     iv

Table of Content                                                       v


1.1   Introduction

1.2   Statement of problem

1.3   Statement of research question

1.4   Objectives of the study

1.5   Statement of the study

1.6   Significance of the study

1.7   Scopes and limitation of the study

1.8   Definition of key terms

1.9   Plan and organization of the study


Literature Review


3.1   Research Methodology

3.2   Research Design

3.3   Data collection method and techniques

3.4   Data presentation and analysis techniques (Tools of Analysis)

3.5   Definition of population

3.6   Sampling procedures


4.1   Data presentation and analysis

4.2   Analysis of problem

4.3   Testing of hypothesis

4.4   Summary of findings


5.0   Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1   Summary of report

5.2   Conclusion

5.3   Recommendation



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