This study was carried out to examine the possession of poor communication skills by secretaries working in government establishment using ministry of Works and Commerce and Industry as case study. To achieve this 3 research questions were formulated.  The survey design was adopted and the simple random sampling techniques were employed in this study. The population size comprise of all the secretaries of the selected Government establishments. In determining the sample size, the researcher purposively selected 40 respondents while 30 respondents were validated. Self-constructed and validated questionnaire was used for data collection. The collected and validated questionnaires were analyzed using frequency tables and percentage.

The result of the findings reveals that; Poor communication skill has a very negative effect on secretaries job performance; Educational Background, Poor knowledge on the use of modern communication gadgets, Inadequate availability of modern office gadgets,, Addiction to traditional communication pattern and Lack of training opportunities are the major causes of poor communication by secretaries; Communication gadgets required for the enhancement of secretaries communication skills includes, computers, fax machine, and many more.

Based on the findings,  the researcher recommends that all Government establishment their interest in replacing secretaries with linguist as this will result to massive unemployment rate for students or individuals who studied secretary. However these secretaries can be trained to the quality desired by the organization. Therefore relevant authorities of these establishment should ensure adequate training opportunities for their secretaries, this will enhance their communication skills and also their acquaintance with modern communication gadgets







This project investigated on the topic Possession of poor communication skill by secretaries working in government Establishment (causes and Effects).  It has been observed that secretaries involve in poor communication because they lack knowledge of current communication gadgets and they do not take the time to study, practice and master these skills.

Accoring to Evans (2009), Events in recent years have brought into focus the possession of poor communication skills by secretaries in both private and public establishments. For instance in the past, according to the common law, secretaries were only to carryout instructions dictated from above, in other words, they were not capable of independent actions, they were seen as mere servants (Lord Esther in Barnett, Hoares and Co (1887), but these days, modern company law legislation have removed the common law restrictions on the duties of the secretaries status now confirms administrative status on secretaries as well as their traditional secretarial duties so, their role, as more or less chief administration officers of establishment exposes their communication ability in all ramifications. Some people states that secretaries lack good command of the language of communication (English) while others believe that secretaries are not taking time to find out and study what they need to communicate effectively. As a result of possession of poor communication skills by secretaries working in government establishment, most organization now employ linguist as secretaries to make sure that effective communication and standard of the organization are maintained. There is need for secretaries to improve non their communication skills because in every organization they interact with all who work within the organization as well as clients to the organization. In this situation, they pass information, which can lead to the success or failure of the organization. Therefore secretaries must acquaint themselves with the latest communication skills applicable under different moods and caliber of persons she meets in the course of carrying out her duties. The secretary’s position is a vital one in any organization and its bedrock in communication. She is to share ideas, information and experiences with others. One looks up to her for accurate information wherever and whenever she is found. However, communication in organization is complex and difficult, the bigger the firm, the bigger the communication problem. (Little, 1997). This if not well handled, results in exhibition of ability to communicate effectively. Anumihe, Nwaogu and Kalu Nwiwu (1997:3) state that communication is the act of conveying our thoughts and feelings to other people and receiving in return their reactions in accordance to the purpose and manner of the act. “This reveals that there are developments and new trends in communication and language studies. It recognizes the two – way process of communication. It also recognizes the emphasis on “purpose” and “manner” as well as “reaction”. This brings attention to bear on the goal of the communication act itself. Scientific and technological innovations in the practice of communications, which have reduced the world to a global village through the use of contemporary communication processes are also recognized. Hence, secretaries who have not mastered all these find it impossible to communicate effectively. Analysis of the performance of secretaries reveals that they falter in one area or the other while communicating yet, they are expected to spend most of their time in passing information and Ideas to their subordinates and top executives in order to help them do their work effectively, receiving facts from those working for them, interpreting same and communicating with people outside their own organization including customers, government departments, trade and professional institutes and the general public. The possession of poor communication skills are not required by all secretaries in order to deal successfully in all their associations. Some communication skill are so important that those secretaries who acquire them hardly have barriers in getting to the pick of their career. Good secretaries found any establishment are usually good communicators. The failure of most organization can be traced to the recent problem of poor communication skills of secretaries in such organizations. The success of any secretary depends to a extent on her ability to communicate effectively when a secretary is unable to study and gain knowledge of facts and conditions of the organization and to use the information obtained to know the communication skills he requires, she ends up with poor skills. But where she delightly uses the acquired information, she will also apply the prime rule of effective communication whish is to consider the particulars of the receiver and make sure she is understood by the communicate or else, she will still end up with poor communication. Poor skills by secretaries are the inability of the secretary to apply communication rules when speaking, listening, reading and writing whether through a formal channel which can be either upwards and downwards or horizontal or informal channel which can be either rumour or grapevine (Kopntze, O”Dannel and Wenhrich, 1956). Secretaries, when communicating are expected to listen, have good command of the language, think clearly, arrange logically, express clearly and concisely, but these days most of these are lacking in their communication. The activities of any organization cannot function well if poor communication skills are posses by the secretary. The relationship between her and the rest of the workers and clients which depend on effective communication will not be good due to miscommunication and this will affect the organization, so in order to keep the activities of the organization successful, organizations employ linguists as secretaries.


Good communication skills are very vital in the efficient performance of secretarial duties in any organization, but regrettably, secretaries do not find it necessary and useful hence, they ignore the rules of effective communication. This non-adherence to communication rules had led to: – Organization employing linguists as secretaries – Serious mistakes being made while carrying jobs wrong information being passed. Decreased in the rate of growth of the activities of the organization. – Secretaries becoming unemployed and secretaries seeking to join other professions.




The main purpose of the study is to examine the possession of poor communication skills by secretaries working in government establishment: below are the specific goals:

(i) Identify the effect of poor communication skill on secretaries job performance.

(ii) Identify causes of poor communication skills by secretaries.

(iii) Identify modern communication gadgets required for the enhancement of secretaries communication skills.

(iv) Give solutions that can used to curb the issue of poor communication skill among secretaries.


(i) What is the effect of poor communication skill on secretaries job performance?

(ii) What are the causes of poor communication skills by secretaries?

(iii) what are the modern communication gadgets required for the enhancement of secretaries communication skills?


This study is aimed at examining the possession of poor communication skills by secretaries working in government establishment, hence the findings and recommendation this study would of immense benefit to the federal and state Government, organizations  and secretaries as individuals. More so, students and researchers will find this study relevant when carrying out studies or assessment on any topic related to the one under review.


This study covers only the situation of poor communication skill by secretaries working in Government establishment. Upon this ground this study is carried out in Ministry of works and Ministry of commerce and industry, Port-Harcourt Rivers state.


Financial constraint:  Insufficient funds posed a challenge on the researcher in the course of gathering this information.

Time constraint: Based on the fact that the researcher has to combine his study with other academic work, it hindered the time devoted to the research work.




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