This research studied the problems and prospects of media media in Nigeria. It was able to unearth the numerous factors inhibiting the smooth operations of media houses end for in-depth study, the Vanguard Newspapers and FRCN Owerri, was selected for analysis.

The purpose of the study was to discover to what extent such identified problems affect newspaper operations; make the public aware of the reasons for the low quality in the newspaper which they buy and highlight the efforts being made to tackle such problems as well as the prospects of the newspaper industry.

In executing the research, the “PURPOSIVE SAMPLING” method was employed. The researcher made use of Questionnaires and interview as instruments for Data collection.

The responses from the staff’ of Vanguard Newspapers, Owerri showed that, despite some recorded prospects, the company was plagued by numerous problems such as: inadequate funding, low patronage, management, staff related problems, harsh economic situation, inadequate vehicles for distribution and depreciation of printing equipment.

Suggestions proffered for surmounting these problems include:

Government should subsidize the cost of printing materials; the Newspaper companies  should ensure the recruitment of properly trained personnel; Newspaper houses should be given to motivate staff. If these suggestions are adhered to, problems facing the newspaper industry would be ameliorated and performance enhanced.






Media are those channels of information, radio, TV Newspaper, magazine and journals, which can make the same message available to a cross section of people   spite their distance from the source of the message

Just as the nervous system receives, processes and interprets stimuli reaching the body, in order to achieve the needs, organize and correlate the activities of the body, the media industry today collects information from a wide diversity of sources and places in the globe, processes and reports back to people located in an equally wide diversity of places in the Diaspora in an effort to bind parts of society together in their interactions and interdependency moves.  McLuhan’s postulations attracted widespread reactions, though.  One such reaction says the theory is at the very least technological over-determinism.  Thus critics believe the concentration on the differences between media could undermine class examination of various types of messages in the same medium or similar messages, across media.

Nevertheless, the extent to which media have gone in making the work smaller and more interactive is obviously lucid.  The effects of these media are becoming so pervasive that people in the communication field are today talking of global neighborhood family.  Therefore, regardless of whatever the radio and television say, their very form (broadcast simultaneity in reaching a heterogeneous audience) facilitates relationship in the world to an unspeakable degree.  During world soccer and Olympic event, at least half the world is focused on one topic – a sports encounter between nations.  The media thus set agenda, interests and pursuits.

Accordingly, it entails a system comprising nations in the Diasporal where people live and work in unison regarding given social, economic and political objectives regardless of religious learnings, ethnic nationalities, languages, race, geography, etc. and where also communication is used to give expression to the interactions.

Meanwhile, many factors as been discovered to have be the challenges of the media but quite unfortunate that the management may take the core part of media problems and prospects. The ownership influences the direction of the media activities. No media is ready to produce anything that will go against the management intention as well as the ownership structure.


It has always been claimed by government and private that interferences with the activities of the media, is non-conformity to the policies of owners have always resulted in the immediate dismissed of journalist from their duties.  This research intends to look at the prospect and challenges of media management in Nigeria


The aim of this study is to find the prospect and challenges of media management in Nigeria ( A study of Vanguard Newspaper and Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria). The objectives under studies are:

  1. To examine the problems confronting Vanguard Newspaper and Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria
  2. To know if ownership affects the effective management of media?
  3. To determine how the organizational structure affect the effective performance of the organization?
  4. To ascertain the main sources of revenue generation for Vanguard Newspaper and Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria?


This study is no doubt very unique in the sense that it focuses prospect and challenges of media management in Nigeria.  This obviously makes this project quite understanding since the research is concentrated on Vanguard Newspaper and Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria.

However, the study in its simplistic approach or analysis would make it possible for the researcher and more importantly those that are at the helms of affairs know the power of media and the challenges they face in the course of news dissemination.

As an academic work which intends to pass through scientific scrutiny in terms of empirical analysis, it aims to add to the academic knowledge both for the benefit of researchers and students of great minds. More so, those who want to engage in similar topic will find it very useful by serving as a reference point.


These are agitating questions toward solving the research topic. In this wise, the research questions for this study are highlighted below

  1. Does ownership affects the effective management of media?
  2. What are the problems confronting Vanguard Newspaper and Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria?
  3. How does the organizational structure affect the effective performance of the organization?
  4. What are the main sources of revenue generation for Vanguard Newspaper and Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria?


For the purpose of this study, due to time constraints and inability to study all the media houses in Nigeria, this research would only cover the vanguard Newspaper and Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Owerri. It will however, look at a few news papers which have suffered from similar problems.


Newspaper– It is any periodical publication printed with the assistance of a mechanical device and carries timely variegated events for the consumption of;

Publishing– According to the NEW ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA: Publishing is defined as the selection, preparation, and marketing of printed materials including books, newspapers, magazines and pamphlets.

Professionalism– The behaviour, skill or qualities shown by a person practicing a particular field or activity to earn money. It is the act of an expert, engaging in some activity as a remunerated occupation.

Newsman– A professional journalist working in a Newspaper

production house. He could also be referred to as a reporter who is in the business of gathering, processing and designating information to target audience.


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