This study is a statistical analysis of the number of babies admitted in the motherless baby home (1995–2004). In the course of this research, attempts have been made to reveal several issues as the work was introduced generally. Painstaking efforts were made to explain various theoretical perspectives to the orphan hood  in Nigeria. The number of orphans on the street increases everyday and the need for better life for them must be address sooner than later to help make a better environment free from security fears. In the next decade the number of orphans that will be admitted into orphanages is expected to rise as well




Motherless babies home refers to a place or a home whereby infant baby who has no female parent. While Orphan is one who loss both parents prematurely either through natural death or disaster.

Motherless is a situation whereby a baby or person lacks a female parent. Also motherless Babies home could define as an Institution where infant baby is kept whose mother is dead, abandoned or missing is received and look after them by a charitable organisation or individual, within any physical incident that took place in a while or in a specific period of time like war earthguare accidents etc render a number of children motherless, fatherless.

In most Africa’s for a example, a motherless baby is regarded as a servant or slave to others and they are treated merely without regard. Those whose parents is alive, since they don’t have any one back or rescue them out of their challenges.

In some other societies like America the motherless babies home and orphanages.

The main objective in this project has to do with the statistical analysis on the number of babies admitted in the motherless baby home in Enugu. That is why it is necessary to check critically into the extent to which the number of babies absorbs in the motherless baby homes within the Holy child motherless babies home Enugu.


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Joint United Nations Program On HIV And AIDS(UNAIDS) has labeled  any child that has lost one or both parent as an orphan. In this approach, a maternal orphan is a child whose mother has died, and a paternal orphan is a child whose father has died, and a double orphan has lost both parents.

Orphans are relatively rare in developed countries of the world, because most children can expect both of their parents to survive their childhood. Much higher number of orphans exist in war-torn nations such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Ukraine and in other cases part of  some nations like Maiduguri state in Nigeria.

The city of  Abuja holds a population estimated to be about 11 million people and about 9% of its overall population are considered to be orphans most of which resides in satellite towns around the  main central business district (i.e central area). Among such satellite towns is Gwagwalada which accounts for about 12,000 orphans roaming its streets and highways (Lolo African Children’s Foundation, 2013). Densely populated in areas like Dagiri, Kutunku, Angwadodo, and Park road.

With only 3 orphanages to boast of in the town , the question that comes to mind next are, were do these orphans stay?, how do they even survive?,what is the society or orphanages doing to arrest the situation? And  lastly, what are the causes of these child neglect or abandonment.


With careful observation and examination  of the state of affairs of the orphans  around Gwagwalada area council, a certain phenomenon has been revealed and this basis of this research.

Although orphans in the Gwagwalada area have been identified in different ways by members of the community. This has had a great impact on the state of affairs in the area council security wise and economically.

Over the years orphans as well as other street children have suffered neglect from the government. This can be due to the fact that the they are seen as been useless.

However, this has not help the cause of helping out orphans in the area council. This has led to the increase of orphans on the streets of the area. And with low level of facilities  and accommodation in orphanages around the area council, less number of orphans are admitted into orphanages.


  1. To find out whether the length of time it female babies to bread up is less than male child
  2. To compare the proportion of female in the home to that of male.
  3. To make recommendation on the abandonment of babies based on my findings.
  4. To findout the number of reported case of on sex.
  5. To verity some of the possible cases of child abandonment.


This project covers the admission of inmates motherless babies home Enugu for a period of fen year (1995 – 2004).


Enugu is the Capital City of the East Central State and for one time taken the seat of government of Eastern had an increased population due to the discovery of coal, this led to high migration of young school learners and other youths for better working opportunities and good living conditions.

To this good effect, there was also an increase in the number of natural obstacle and incidents which also coupled with the burdens and problems that follow. The government of this days found it difficult to tackle these increasing problems of hazard especially incidence of child abuse, incidence of child abandonment, death of young mother through labour and dither incidents where there is a very serious need for the immediate solution or way of eradicating them.

The childs motherless baby home which is one of the organisation concerned with the relief of suffering caused by natural disasters and for helping those that lost their parents (Orphans) through natural death or other disaster opened a child welfare center at Enugu to cater for the motherless and abandoned babies in order to alleviate the sufferings of their fathers or other relations who may be obliged to cater for the child.

The public or individuals also help immensely towards the up – keep of the motherless babies homes through charitable organization, churches etc moreover, subsidy also come from the government through the ministry of social welfare which also sends most of the inmates to the homes the Eurpses of the inmates in case of death are taken by the relatives of the dead baby on the ministry of social welfare as the case may be moreover death is not too rampant due to care exhibited on the inmates, both by the government, their relatives and also individuals.


One of the problem of the motherless babies home as follow is described below:

Finance: Finance is one of the major problem facing the homes for instance, it cost them a huge amount of money in running the homes i.e cost per child maintenance like their food for good refreshing their clothing their health incase of TU health.


In the world today children considered to be orphans go through a lot in their immediate  society. Most of the time  they go through negative experiences that in turn have psychological effect on them.

In  Gwagwalada area council today, orphans are largely seen around motor parks, under bridges and even seen hawking for a living on the streets and highways.  It is no secret that orphans are exposed to a lot of dangers in Gwagwalada, some of their plights and challenges are highlighted bellow.

  • Exposure to illness- most orphans in Gwagwalada with no reasonable place to call a home are exposed to a great deal of illness , such a malaria. Pneumonia and HIV/AIDS just to mention but a few of them.
  • They lack medical care-Lack of medical care or nobody to give medical assistance to them; These children when ill tend to go for self medication which itself is a danger that can lead to their premature death.
  • They are used for child trafficking- with no sense of direction and nobody to caution them, these orphans are taking advantage of by evil minded people in the town, who use them as source of money making. Mostly used as prostitutes, drug dealings, modern day slavery etc.
  • Political thug This children tools for politicians who use them to fight their political and personal battles. Thereby exposing them to dangers of being killed in the process. A good example can be seen today in the issue of Boko-Haram which has become a torn in the flesh of the country’s government.


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