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An attempt is made this thesis to study and analyses the contribution of
Al-Qadi Ali Sani Gusau to Arabic Literature of Nigeria.
The thesis consists of an introduction, three chapters, conclusion and an
appendix, containing the poems of Al-Qadi Aliyu, Gusau.
The first chapter discusses briefly the historical background of Al-Qadi
Aliyu, his education, career and the list of his works both in Arabic
Language and Islamic Studies. The second chapter introduces each one
of his poem and highlights its content, meaning and objective.
politicalanalyses of the poems and their evaluation and appreciation are
made in chapter three.
in conclusion, I observed that Al-Qadi Aliyu was more concerned with
Arabic poetry in which he restricted himself to the eulogy of the Prophet
Muhammad alone. He never composed eulogy for any one else.
According to Al-Qadi Aliyu to compose eulogy for any body else is a
waste of time.


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