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Definition of public Relation is a deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between organization and it’s environment. Promotion is one of the four manager variable with which the marketing manager communicates information between the sellers and buyers in order to change the attitude and behaviour of both parties.


This study aims at identifying the variable that inhabit the achievements of marketing objectives of firms and organization.  By so doing the researcher desired to investigate the effect of good public relations and promotions of companies using Nigeria Breweries Plc, as case study.


The Researcher used simple random sampling and stratified sampling technique in selling her sample.  The two major instruments of  data collection adopted for the  study are questionnaire and structured Oral interview.  It was discovered from the finding made that.


  1. Nigeria Breweries Plc acknowledge the positive impact of good public relations and promotions on their staff performance and organizational out-put
  2. The improvement in their volume and revenue is as result of organized public relations strategies and promotion techniques.
  3. Public relation and adequate promotional tools are not usually exclusive rather they tend to complement one another to achieve better result.

From the above discovering made the researchers deduced some recommendations which include:

  • There is need for a more motivational system of public relation and market promotions to enhance productively and sales volume of the marketing companies.
  • The print media should be combined with the electronic media in other to yield better productivity.
  • A good public and promotional strategy must be sustained through research.  Well-managed feed back transparent honesty and truthful information.

The management of Nigeria Breweries Plc should endeavour to adopt effective promotional strategy and public Relations to enhance their market strength win testing the hypothesis, statistical coefficient (superman) correlation ship was used at the end of the analysis the null hypothesis (H.O) falls within the region of the rejection while the alternative hypothesis (HA) fall  within the region of acceptance.



1.1     Background of the study                                                 1

  • Statement of the problem 6
  • Objectives of the study                                                   7
  • Scope of the study 8
  • Research question 9
  • Hypothesis 10


  • Literature review 13



  • Research method 38



  • Presentation Analysis of Data 43
  • Testing of hypothesis 46



  • Discussion of findings 52

5.1     Summary Recommendation and Conclusion                    56

  • Recommendation 57
  • Conclusion 58
  • Contribution to knowledge/Research 59
  • Area of further Research 59
  • Biography 61
  • Appendix 64
  • Questionnaire 65



Background  of the study

In the recent past, public relations was regarded as publicity, but currently.  Publicity  is regarded as one of the tools of public relation.  This is  because of the vital roles public relations is performing in the society now which among others involves a relations of public attitude.

Identification of the policies and procedures of an organization or individual with respect or individual with respect to attitudes.  Values, comprehensive functions and medium of creating awareness.  Public relations also  determines the activities to be executed in order to improve or maintain those candidate treasures taken by an individual or an organization to maintain the good image of the organization and to keep a cordial relationship  with it’s environment.  This could be done through welfare packages, advertising, publicity or adequate promotions and marketing strategy.  A manager can afford this bearing in mind that the analysis of friends implies the application of research  techniques before planning a programme that any attempt to present a biased information on the activity of the company or potency of their products  which is not based on truth and honesty purpose will  yield unfavourable result to the image of the organization.  He should also bear in mind that the successful implementation of product cannot be done haphazardly or carelessly.  This is invoice of the fact that marketing as a process  of planning and execution of conception, promotion and distribution of ideals, goods and services through a good public relation in order to create exchange that satisfy individual and organizational  objectives.  Is as old as the inception of buying and selling.

Arise when at least one party to potential exchange, gives through to the objectives demand means of achieving  desired responses from other parties.

This desire with good foresight has led  to an advanced philosophy of modern marketing calls for more than developing a good product or service, moderate and attractive price or making the product accessible to targeted customers through Advanced  public relation strategies.  In the dispensation, the company should design good disseminate information about the products or services  existence features and arms, and how this will benefit the market.  Every organization performs the role of communication market and promoter.  These service more often are  done through the hiring of sales forces and good strategy (to carry out persuasive messages) Advertising agencies to develop sales campaign and public relations firms to enhance  the.




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