The quest for improving the academic performance in Public Senior Secondary School Students is what prompted this work with particular reference to motivation of teachers. It is the intention of this project to identify the effect of poor motivation of teachers on student academic performance. The study which was a descriptive survey employed the use of structured questionnaire with close ended questions and was administered to Public and Private Senior Secondary School teachers and Public and Private Senior Secondary School Students respectively in five (5) randomly selected Public and Private Secondary Schools in Kaduna South Local Government Area of Kaduna State. The results showed that when teachers are not motivated, their productivity are hampered this in turn reduces the academic performance of Students. It was recommended that government in all levels should make the payment of teachers’ salary and other fringed benefit a priority and it should be paid on time, government should ensure that basic facilities for effective teaching and learning are adequately provided, Teachers should improve in their teaching skills to enhance higher academic productivity amongst students. Seminars and workshops should be conducted for both teachers and students to increase academic productivity.





Every organisation whether public or private often have designed goals and objectives aimed to realize. For every goal and objective to be realized, there has to be motivational mechanisms expected to enhance the productivity for desirable result. The negative effect on the morale of teachers in addition to a lack of sense of job security, and multiple factors diminishing teacher motivation which include low salaries, lack of support from administration, increment of salaries, giving of awards, granting loans to staff, frequent training of staff to educative workshop, staff consultative forum to mention but a few.

Teachers’ have proven to be the primary variable affecting students performance (Kane, Rockoff & Staiger, 2006). The No child left Behind Act of 2008 (NCLB) made states and local districts accountable for all actions that produce low academic performance. The level of teacher engagement has strong implication not only for professional growth and the quality of instruction but also for students’ academic achievement. When teachers perform and carry out their specific job roles and duties, students produce and achieve positive results (Tucker etal; 2005). Low teacher morale and poor motivation has become a major problem that has affected the performance of senior secondary school students especially in Kaduna South Local Government.


The academic performance of our students are deteriorating on daily basis. This is evident in the massive failure of students in WAEC, NECO and JAMB Examinations. Also the prolification of exam malpractices at all stages and the production of secondary school graduates who cannot speak or write simple correct English. These problems are traced to poor motivation of teachers which has culminated to poor performance of students which is seen in frequent absenteeism of students from class, truancy and lack of enthusiasm to class activities and critical thinking. According to Dr. Ernest W. Brewer, a professor says “when college students are not motivated, a common outcome is a lost desire to attend class, followed by frequent absence and plummeting grades”. The role of motivation in enhancing the productivity of employee cannot be over emphasized. However, it’s obvious that questions of motivation in Nigeria’s context is easier pronounced than actually done. Cases of protest, demonstrations and strikes have been the order of the day as a result failure by government to imbibe the ethics of motivation in their pattern of operation. Recently, there was strike in most states of the federation because of poor remunerating of teachers on the proposed minimum wage. This research work is obvious in other to proffer ways of improving the academic performance of senior secondary school students in Kaduna south local government by improving motivation of teachers in improved salary structure, prompt payment teachers’ salaries, in-service programmes for teachers, conducive teaching environment and provision of all teaching materials needed by the teachers.


The urgent need to improve performance of Senior Secondary School Students in Kaduna South Local Government by removing all impediments for effective motivation of teachers in order to realise the objectives of the National Policy on Education as lack of motivation of teachers are seriously affecting efficient teaching of senior secondary school students in Kaduna state Local Government. Therefore this study is determined to provide answers to the following questions:-

  1. What factors are responsible for proper motivate of teachers.
  2. How can the impediments be removed for proper motivation of teachers.
  3. What effect will proper motivation of teachers have on the academic performance of the students.


This research work is specially aimed at:-

  1. Examining factors responsible for poor motivation of teachers in senior secondary school in Kaduna South Local Government.
  2. Examining the effect of poor motivation on teachers  productivity.
  3. Examining the effecting of poor motivation of teachers on students academic performance.
  4. To highlight on the consequences of failure to maintain motivational policy in senior secondary schools in Kaduna South Local Government Area.
  5. Finally to proffer solutions on how to stabilize motivational policy of teacher of senior secondary school in Kaduna South Local Government.


In carrying out this research work, the research, puts forward the following questions to guide the investigation:-

  1. What is the role of motivation in enhancing productivity of teachers in senior secondary schools on Kaduna south Local Government.
  2. What are the consequences of poor motivation of teachers on academic performance of students.

iii. What are the factors that ensure motivation stability in teachers in senior secondary school of Kaduna south Local Government.


To reach scientific conclusion, certain assumptions must be made which will be subjected to research in order to determine the acceptability or rejection of the statement. The research therefore assumes:-

  1. There is no significant relationship between the motivation of senior secondary school teachers of Kaduna south Local Government and their productivity.
  2. There is no significant relationship between the improvement of students’ academic performance and teachers’ motivation.

iii. There is no significant relationship between the motivational stability of teachers in senior secondary schools Kaduna south Local Government and right motivational factors.


It is hoped that this research work will be able to identify the effects of proper motivation of teachers on students’ academic performance and suggest ways teachers can be motivated and how teachers can motivate students in the classroom and this improve their academic performance. It is also aimed at providing parents, families and the government information on their roles in motivating teachers and improving students’ academic performances. It also shows that motivation of students by motivated staff will help to solve some of the problems of education especially massive failure and exam malpractices and by doing that, help achieve educational goals and objectives.


This study is focused on the Effects of Poor Motivation of teachers on the academic performance of students in public senior secondary schools in Kaduna South Local Government Area.

The study covers five (5) randomly selected senior secondary schools in Kaduna south local Government Area, being the state capital where there are many public and private senior secondary schools. In these selected schools, the students and the teaching staff were the major respondents. The following are the senior secondary schools randomly selected for the study:-

i       Government Secondary School Kakuri.

  1. Government  Girls’ Secondary School Barnawa

iii.     Government Secondary School Nassarawa

  1. Christ Ambassadors’ College Sabo
  2. Danbo International School Barnawa


  1. Motivation:This implies initiated process by physiological or psychological needed which triggers a specific behaviour or drives and incentives.
  2. Roles:In the context of study, it means the powerful effect that something has in an activity or organization.
  3. Enhancing:This is the act of improving the good quality services.
  4. Services:The act of providing something that  the public needs.
  5. Organisation:A formal set up with various functional departments or units aimed to achieve positive goals and objectives.
  6. Management:Planning, organizing, directing, controlling and coordinating human, material, and financial resources towards the achievement of organizational goals.
  7. Resources:Something that can be used to help achieve something, especially work.


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