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This research project is based on “The Effect of Teaching and Learning environment on the academic performance on the pupils in selected primary school of Odeda Local Government” The word academic environment constitutes the total surrounding of the pupils where they find themselves. In view of this, the research tries to identity the best and acceptable environment that constitute effective teaching and learning toward the achievement of the academic performance of primary school pupils in Odeda Local Government. To achieve this, the research based his study in find out the teaching and learning environment that can have effect on the academic performance on the pupils, such as the home of the pupils, school, religion institution, peer group, community, social clubs and the surrounding of the pupils.  






Pupils teaching and learning environment constitute the home, school, church mosque, social clubs, peer group surrounding and the society at large.

Pupils learn better where and when the teaching and learning environment is accepting supporting, challenging and enjoyable.

Teaching and learning environment provides necessary condition for both physical intellectual and personality great ad development, of the pupils.

In view of this study, some selected primary school in Odeda Local government is used as a case study which has a signification effect on the academic performance of the pupils of Osiele townships. The quality of education depends on the parent attitude teacher as reflected in the performance of their duties. Over time pupils academic performance in both internal and external examination had been used and determine excellence in teacher and teaching.

Ajao (2001). Teacher have been shown to have an important influence on pupils academic performance and they also play a social role in education attainment because the teacher is ultimately responsible for translating policy into action and principles based on practice during interaction with the pupils.

Afe (2001) Both teaching and learning environment depends on teachers.

No wonder an effective teacher has been conceptualized on who produces desired result in the course of his duty as a teacher Uchefuna (2001).

For the students to achieve high academic Laurels, they need to believe that they can learn and what they are learning is useful, relevant and meaningful for them and for the society at large.

The learning environment must therefore be conducive for students to be able to achieve this goal. The learning environment is twofold, home and school. the parents or guardians of these pupils are responsible for providing the right home environment that will facilitate effective learning. For their wards. So are the school authorities this however might not continue as most pupils are unable to pass their exams with distinction.

The poor academic performance of pupils has sparked off series  of research to find out the learning environmental factors that might trigger this situation in order to develop strategies. Many of those studies have considered the learning factors from the perspective either of the home environment or of the school environment.

Hence the major concern of the study is to develop into the effect of teaching and learning environment n the academic performance in selected primary school in Odeda local government area of Ogun State.


Hardly will you get any primary school in the rural area and found a normal setting and atmosphere conducive for proper learning and teaching process to take place.

This study set out to determine, and explain the extent to which academic performance of primary school pupils have been affected by various teaching and learning environment.


The primary aim of caring out this project research is to find out the effect teaching and learning environment on the academic performance of the pupils in a selected primary school of Odeda Local Government area of Ogun State.

  1. To examine the effect of teaching and learning environment on the academic performance of the pupils in Odeda Local Government before and after its teaching have started in various schools in Odeda Local Government.
  2. To investigate on how the people of Odeda Local Government have gained immensely from the teaching and learning environment in their area.


In order to achieve good objective for this study, the following questions are formulated.

  1. What are the effect of teacher attitude on pupils academic performance
  2. What are the effect of parent attitude on pupils academic performance
  • What are the influence of conducive teaching and learning environment have effect on pupils academic performance
  1. What are the differences in the mean performance of students taught by highly effective teachers and those taught by ineffective teachers


The researcher limits its study to only five school in Odeda Local Government. This is because it is the believe of the researcher whatever that is operating here is also in one way or the other operating in other state government especially in Ogun State.

During the course of the research work, several obstacles were counted by the researcher. Among such obstacles are time factors, financial setback and unwilling cooperation of the despondence with the researcher


Certain term need to be defined as they are related to the study. These terms include:

Environment: This is the totality of the surrounding of the pupils. Such as home, school, church and the community.

Teacher: Teachers are the instructor which impacts knowledge to a learners or pupils

Pupils: These are the learner at primary school level.

Teaching: It is the process of impacting knowledge, skills and attitude to individual or learner

Learning: This is a relatively permanent change in behaviour resulting from experience

Academics: Is the Act of knowledge acquisition in literature, Art, science or some other discipline or field of knowledge

School: This is a place where teaching and learning is taking place

Performance: Is the total outcome of pupils in their academic study.


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