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Bbigbagha Sylvester Z “The Effectiveness
Cartoons In Classroom Communication (case study of Primary
Schools in Warri, Bendel State of Nigeria)”
Masters of Arts degree in Industrial Design,
January, 1990 125 pp, 6 tables, 47 references titled.
The problem of this study is to evaluate
effectiveness ci the cartoon in classroom communication,
5 schools, 10 teachers and 192 pupils pa ‘pated
in the experiment. The experimental-control t€ :r.-nique
utilizing the equated teacher method was folic.
throughout the study. Teachers for both experi ntal and
control groups were matched on the basis of t:
qualification and years of experience in teaching . While
students were equated and distributed into two groups on
the basis of intelligence based on previous performance
in three – recent terminal examinations.
The narrative cartoon based on the unit
instruction-the digestive system, in health education
was used tor the experiment. Two tests of par
forms devised to measure the pupils’ knowledge of
the unit of instruction was administered before n
immediately after the treatment. Each of thes sts
was composed of eighteen items which inciudea one-word
completion, multiple (four) choice, two choice
true-false types.
The results indicate that the use of cartoon
in classroom communication made acceptable and
distinct contributions to learning. These
contributions were made, however, without sacrificing
the subject matter not presented specifically by the
cartoon. It is also effective to pupils of high, and
low performance level.
In teaching abstract concepts and subject
matter like the digestive system to primary school
pupils, the narrative cartoons should be used.
Out-of-school cartoons dealing on the society should
be employed in teaching social studies in the classroom.
Cartoons should also be employed in illustrating
books meant for formal school purposes. Finally,
the Federal and state ministry of education, should
employ cartoons as part of the delivery systems in
diseminating information to schools.




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