The researcher is determined to see and threw more high on the effectiveness of Marketing Planning and Control in a Manufacturing Organization with ANAMMCO in Enugu as a case study. For orderly presentation the researcher undertake a background study of the company which enable the researcher touch some major problems encountered by the company marketing planning and control. The researcher also undertook a study of the population size and area of study for collection of data about the population. The researcher used questionnaire to determine the attitude of customers and company personnel’s about. The administering of the questionnaire was done in such a way that not part of the customer was neglected. The sample size and sampling technique used by the researcher was dividing the questionnaire into customers and company personnel’s by using Bourley’s formular in determine them to make sure that a good representation of the entire element in the market was represented.  The presentation and analysis of data for testing hypothesis was the chi – square method since data gotten appear low and incomprehensible percentage were used to make them clear.  Finally, the researcher recommended to ANAMMCO that their effectiveness of their marketing planning and control must be improved more than it is to enable their plan be more effective.






Looking ahead and prepare for future is better than to look back and regret.  An organization especially a manufacturing in a very competitive needs to examine how it can effectively develop plan and strategies for serving its marketing.

The aim of any marketing operation is to make the future happier.  But this was not well recognized by most firms initially so job that should be handled by experts in the field of marketing were given to less qualified personnel’s and in most case this shorten the life of most business.

Planning is the management function of setting target or objective to be achieved and detailing out ways by which the target will be achieved.

Planning is sometime greater than first thinking ahead.  In manufacturing organization (Anammco) marketing planning and control show who is to do the job (qualified marketing personnel’s) how the qualified marketing personnel’s will carryout the job and when the job will be done.

Marketing planning and control share with the others activities of the marketing mix the distinction in commerce of being a dynamic element in operation of business.  The effective of marketing planning and control in a manufacturing organization enable the organization to absorb possible shock emitting from marketing environmental change.

The subject matter is choosen by the researcher to explain the foregoing Anamco maketing planning and control in other to know its effectiveness.

According to Adirika (2003, P.11) in this lecture note, “marketing planning is an exercise of analysis for and to increase the effectiveness of marketing.  Or drawing from the past to decide in the present what to do in further in other to achieve the marketing objective enterprise efficient effective.

Marketing planning does not depends on only theory or book knowledge.  In other to plan effectively we need to understand and know about our own environment (Macro – and Mirco environment) where the marketing plan will operate.

For marketing planning and control to be effective the qualified marketing personnel that carried out the marketing and control may consider some element or feature such as time.

Marketing planning and control will be effective if the plan has a stated time, for completion, the estimate of time may be varied depending on the product or firm.

For marketing planning and control to be effective the money for material needed for the effective planning must be available and human resources.

The qualified marketing personnel’s would have a group of consumers or target markets in mind and then position the organization’s or company’s product on this target market or segment.

Marketing control played a vital role in a manufacturing organization.  If all marketing programme or plan along with other sub function are ideal and well harnessed but lack control it will be likened to driving a well structured comfortable vehicle without a steering on a very busy road.

Control is the vital follow – up process which is complementary to planning while marketing planning is deciding in advance what needs to be done, how and when it should be done.

As clearly recognized decade ago in an undertaking control consist on verifying whether everything occurs in conformity with the plan adopted, the instruction issued and principle established.  It has for object to point out weakness and error in order to rectify them and present recurrence.

Marketing control as concerned with establishing and maintaining appropriate procedure and apparatus for monitoring and measuring the implementation of marketing plan and strategies set out to active marketing objective and taking necessary corrective action.


It has been said that planning is determining the future ad control what have been planned.

In having good and effective marketing planning and control in a manufacturing organization, some basic problem confront marketing management.

One of the problem is availability of funds to the marketing department, the company may lack adequate finance to carryout set marketing planning and control effective.  The absence of funds at the right time to back the plan means incapacitate by the executive in implementing the plan and ensuring that deviation are connected.

Another problem may be problem of recruitment of qualified personnel to handle the planning and having experience person to execute the set plan.

Frequent change of marketing personnel may also contribute or improve the effectiveness of marketing planning and control in a manufacturing organization.

In looking at this, one would want to know the effectiveness of marketing planning and control in a manufacturing organization how it can be effectively implemented and also the various ways to improve on it effectiveness to achieve organizational goals and objective.




1)  The primary objective of this study is to know the effectiveness of marketing panning and control in a manufacturing organization (ANAMMCO)

2)  This study will enable the research to know some basic problems that develop in the process of having good marketing planning and control in a manufacturing organization.

3)  This study will provide the researcher some solution to the problem and reduce bottleneck in planning process of the particular organization.

4) To know the benefit on good marketing planning and control in a manufacturing organization.

5)   This research can equally serve as a base for further study on topic related to the subject.


1) The presence of unqualified marketing personnel’s makes Marketing planning and control ineffective.

2)  Due to frequent change of marketing personnel’s, Marketing planning and control in ANAMMCO becomes ineffective.

3) Lack of effective improvement and change in Marketing plans and control doesn’t led to lose of market to other competing firms by ANAMCO.


The significance of the stud is to draw the attention of other researchers in the field of business especially marketing to be interested in the conduct of more indept research in the area of the Marketing planning and control effectively.

The idea will act as a framework ie to put the plan together to direct market managers on how to put the plan together so s to make it effective in formulating good Marketing planning and control over foreign investor in Nigeria.

The study will also induce business managers, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and sales managers to take proper care to develop a marketing pan and control that will be devoid of the problem identified by the research in the study.  This write up is also expected to teach young learners to serve as history for them during their own time of learning.

Based on the findings, the researcher will work within his scope to provide some solution to the research problems and reduce unavoidable ones.


Planning: Is deciding in the present what to do in the future.

Control:  A process of monitoring what has been planned

Strategy: Is the pattern of major objective purpose of goal and essential Policies and plan for achieving those goal stated.

Effectiveness: To be able to bring about the result intended.

Manufacturing Organization: Those companies that produced good Either consumer goods or industrial goods for consumption or for further product.

Qualified Marketing Personnel’s: They are those marketing that are Competent in carrying out marketing activities in an organization.

Goal / objectives: What the company intends to achieve.

Potential Customers: Those people that may be the company’s products

Market: Is the set of all actual and potential buyers of the company  Product

Market Opportunity: Is an area of buyer need in which a company can perform profitably.

Marketing Mix: Is the set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objective in the target market.




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