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This study was conducted to examine the impact of computer innovation on commercial banks in Nigeria a case study of United Bank for Africa. This research work has become necessary to investigate the issue in all ramifications, with the view to identify changes in the level of activities of commercial bank as a result of computer innovation in business organizations and commercial banking services. Although, computer have tendency to reduce labour force but it makes banking operation faster and efficient. Data were gathered after conducting a survey by administering questionnaire and granting personal interview. Simple percentage, bar chart and chi-square were used as statistical tools to analyzed data. Lastly, it was deduced during hypothesis testing process that all the null hypotheses were rejected and alternative hypothesis were accepted, it was agreed that computer innovation has positive impact on banking industry.



Title page





Table of Contents



Background to the Study

Statement of the Problem

Research Question


Purpose of the Study

Significance of the Study


Definition of Terms



Historical Background of computer

History of computer in Nigeria

Banking services in Nigeria

History of United Bank for Africa Plc

Role of Computer on the Banking Industry

Importance of Computer in the Sector

Effort of United Bank for Africa Plc in Computerization

Problem facing computer Innovation in Nigeria



Research Design


Sample and Sampling techniques

Research Instrument

Validation of Instrument

The Research Procedure

Data Analysis










Suggestion for Further Research









The necessary for expanding the market scope has existed since the population and the needs for people increased. These have brought about multiplicity of linkages and inter connection among the financial institution in the present world system. In this expansion of market scope, the process by which events, decision and achievements in one part of the world have significance effects on individuals, corporate organizations and even government on quite different part of the globe.

The promotion of global financial system are facilitated by the fact technically, bankers can reach any part of the world in just a little time and part of the ability to integrate previously separate production functions. Over the last few years the initial computers, every newspaper, article relating to management, education of offices practice seem to refer to the computer revolution but what does computer really means?

In essence, computer can be defined as a machine which accept data from an input device, performs arithmetical and logical operations in accordance with a predefined programme and finally transfers the processed data to an output device either for further processing or in find printed form, such as business documents schedules and management control reports.

Background to the Study

            The computer system has inevitably asserted itself in almost all spheres of human endeavour because of its accuracy, efficiency and high processing data. In a fast growing technological and computer age, various efforts have been made and are still being made to develop computer programmes to enhance all area of human engagement. This is because of the need for information in any organization like the commercial banks. These demands for information exist because of:

  1. The need to provide current and historical banking record e.g its profit and loss account
  2. Need for making short and long term decision
  • Need to provide information to customers and associate
  1. Provide information to investors and share holders
  2. Provide information for regulatory agencies
  3. Competitors also require information to plan their own strategies

For any information to be useful it must be timely properly integrated. Concise available in proper format and relevant, Traditional information system failed to satisfy most of this and this is low the computer oriented management information system was develop and fast gaining ground.

The growing presence of computer especially in Commercial Banks in the country is enjoyed and its benefit harnessed. The commercial bank by sheer size in relation to the financial system has experience growth as a result of computer innovation.

A commercial bank is a financial institution of claims Akinuli O. defines commercial bank as a dealer in capital, a dealer in money. It is an intermediate party between a borrower and a lender. In Nigeria, a banking act of 1999 defined commercial bank as a business of receiving monthly from outside source and deposit respectively of the payment of interest order granting of money loan and acceptance of credit and cheques of the purchases and sales of security. Other financial institutions in Nigeria apart from the commercial banks are the central bank, Merchant banks, Agriculture bank, Mortgage bank, Development bank of all financial institutions in general and banks in particular the commercial bankers have distinguished themselves as the grant provider of wide range of deposit abilities and loan facilities to more customers. They are in business and as such, seek to maximize their profits.

Commercial banking operations involve acceptance of deposits i.e. mobilization of funds, granting of advance i.e. giving loans financing of commodity exports by granting credits to the marketing boards, acting as issuing houses for debentures, lending funds for business entities etc.

A commercial bank is an open social system which affects and is affected by its environment. The commercial bank is made to realize its responsibility to both customers and the government in the society through its functions rendered.

The commercial banks traditionally will in fore – seeable future play a dominant role in the Nigeria financial system since they represent the system. They are also channel through which the monetary policies are affected and they account for a significant portions of the money supply inform of demand deposits. In performing all the above operations the commercial bank need the innovation of computer for effective delivery. The growing in the activities of commercial bank has necessitated the quality of services available. One of the first breaks through in country machine was the Chinese Abacus which Adds, subtracts, divides multiplier. In 1890, Herman Hollerith developed the first mechanical machines of calculating. He developed computing calculating machine, he finally developed computing recording company known as international business machine or IBM (Onasanya 1995). Computer usage is not limited to the banking industry alone. It is used in homes, establishment, schools, engineering firms and other places where calculations can be done with accuracy and accountability.

Statement of the Problem

The complexity of modern business demand for a system that is faster and efficient. In particular banking services has grown overtime application in all form, is inevitable hence the banks have urged there staff to brace up for their imperatives of modern banking by acquiring computer literacy skills.

Among the problem this study intends to solve or proffer solution are:-

  1. Poor Technological know – how
  2. Erratic power failure
  • Acquisition of obsolete equipment
  1. Lack of technical skills
  2. Lack of capital

Research question

  1. What impact in qualitative term does computer innovation have on the activity of commercial banks?
  2. What global business effect or networking does computer innovation has on commercial banks?
  • Identify problems associated with rapid development of computer on the banking services


For the purpose of this research work, some alternative hypotheses were formulated on the impact of computer innovation on commercial banks in Nigeria.

These are:-

  1. There is a positive relationship in the introduction of computer in banks and their performance
  2. There is drastic reduction in banking labour force in relationship with computer innovation
  • There is decline in workers performance/activity in relationship to introduction of computer in banking sector

Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of this study is to conduct empirical research highlighting the impact of computer innovation on the financial institution.

Therefore, the specific purposes of this study are:-

  1. To find out changes (positive and negative) in the level of activity of commercial bank as a result of computer innovation
  2. To know the extent in which computer innovation has promoted global business organization.
  • To find out how computer innovation make commercial bank services faster ad efficiency
  1. To determine whether computer innovation reduces banking labour forces

Significance of the Study

However, by 1986 when SAP (structural adjusted programme) was introduced the forces unleashed by the liberalization and deregulation not only changed the structure of the banking industry, but also the content of services and banking business, leading to increased competition among banks, as well as between banks and other financial institution. This competition now is not only in the area of struggle for available clients, but also for skilled manpower, capital deposits and ability to use the relevant gadgets to speed-up banking transaction. Also the growing recognition to suit banking needs in Nigeria and elsewhere for sometime to come and continue to contribute towards improving the quality of services available.

Indeed, with the emergency of the global digital economy and increased internationalization and competition, Nigeria banks must enlarge and deepen their technological base, if they are to viable domestically and competitive internationally.


            This research will be conducted mainly on the commercial banks innovation of computer in Nigeria with particular attention drawn on United Bank for Africa Plc. For easiest conduct, the research will be limited to United Bank for Africa Ilorin main branch, though the success of this research depends on the cooperation of the organization.

The organization might have fear of leakage of information to its competitor and the need to prevent fraud may make it difficult to get all the necessary data. Therefore, data integrate; data security and control will be maintained.

The research was hampered by the location of this study and financial constraints.

The location was restricted to only Ilorin branch because not all the branches of UBA Plc have been computerized in the country. Researching the study to Ilorin branch area will definitely deny the researcher the opportunity of examining the mode of operations in other sates where the Bank also has enough branches. The researcher moves from the college to the field to source for materials, buying of textbooks, researchers modify expenditures by giving the research work a top priority, thereby overcoming the problem of finance.

Definition of Term

These are definition of some terms:-

  • Computer: – is a machine that stores information and can workout answer to sums very quickly, machine that accepts data (Harold, 1981).

Computer can also be define as a powerful electronic device which has the capacity of arithmetic and logical operations on data and produce the result of these operations as information (Adebisi, 2004).

  • Innovation: – is an existing new idea or method that people are using for the first time.
  • Economics: – as a subject can be define as a social science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses (Oyeniyi, 1997).
  • Chart:- is a map, large piece of paper with information on it in pictures and uniting
  • Commercial bank: – (or business bank) is a type of financial institution and intermediary, it is a bank that lends money and provides savings, and money market accounts and that accepts time deposit (Steven, 2003).
  • Survey:- is the technique and science of collecting information
  • Questionnaire: – is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions and other prompt for the purpose of gathering information from respondents. (Mellengerh, 2008)
  • Banking: – is the business conducted or services offered by bank.



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