In this study, our focus was to carryout a critical analysis on the impact of phone-in programmes in sensitizing the electorate. The study specifically was aimed at ascertaining the role of radio phone-in programmes in educating the mass on electoral issues.

The study adopted the survey research design and randomly enrolled participants in the study. A total of 100 responses were validated from the enrolled participants where all respondent are active workers in Osun State Broadcasting Corporation [OSBC].

The findings revealed the phone- in- programme is capable of performing the functions of educating and entertaining the entire public. The findings also revealed that the level of commitment to the mass media during election is high. Also it revealed that the people listen to election information action programme through the media very often





1.1 Background to the study

The need to introduce the effect programmes in sensitizing the electorate as necessitude the writing of this project work. It has been observed that the most broadcasting stations are engaging in some extra curriculum activities such as introducing of interactive programmes that calls for an immediate response when election is take place. That is the sensitization of the electorate through phone in programme.

Osun state Broadcasting Corporation Channel 32 UHF [OSBC] is a state government owned broadcasting stations. It is a station that has the modern way of sensitizing the electorates without considering the factor of the government of the day.

The control room, where all activities takes place in the studio consist of equipment such as avoid console, control panel, character generator, preview monitor, telephone while the VTR room comprise of video tape player and recorders’ used for playing the recorded programmes.

It is in line of this that I have decided to embark upon an extensive research on the effect phone in programme in sensitizing the electorate.


Osun State Broadcasting Corporation [OSBC] was established on 27th

August, 1991 following the creation of osun state from the old oyo state. As at date, the OSBC family parade four channels 2 each at Radio and television with distinct appeal and independent programming. OSBC channel 32 UHF is the focus of this project among others.

Initially, OSBC channel 32 UHF was operated separately under a managing director with sub- directors under him before it was merged together with other three channels and all under one Director General. Main while, each channel is having its Director of services.

In OSBC channel 32 UHF, there is director of television service who supervises all activities or staffs who worked under him these include, Director of news and current affairs, with his Deputy, editor, chief reporter the reporters. Also Director of prommers with his Deputy and other producers and production crew.

The fact that the four channels that made up of OSBC is being controlled by one body of Administration does not allow me to mention other department which are essential on television house settings. Department like administration, finance, engineering and marketing are all forming the management team.

The station have both A.m and P.m transmission as part of its strategies to win large audience, right from inception, the station had taken upon it self the order task of revolutionizing television in Nigeria in Nigeria which had been marked by divines and lack of entertainment and with its away of popularly watched foreign and programmes, no-morning Nigeria, Data loner, lets discuss, sports etc it has become the darling of viewers in osun and its environment.

In 2007, the station was awarded the national broadcasting commission station south west for its excellence.


Following the nation wick quest for timely information or sensitization, most especially when electron is about to take place in the country. The number of broadcasting station in Nigeria has increased and thereby led to competition among the station. Hence, each proprietor or ownership has been working tirelessly to ensure that their stations becomes the choice of people.

This project work investigate into an important area of broadcasting which examine television as a major that interest everybody of its ability to match virtual and avoid, thereby authenticating the genuine message of an important seasonal programme in relation to the programmer that is design to educate the audient on election.

A phone-in-programme is a programme set up to elicit response from the target audience of that particular programme which may be this time around be to give a clear consent to what the electorate and the general public is to do on electron the use fullness and relevance of telephone or the introduction of phone- in- programme to modern broadcasting. How it has increased the study.


  1. Does the mass media influence the people about choosing candidate during electron period?
  2. How often do people listen to election information action programme through the media?
  3. What is the public level of commitment to the mass media during election?
  4. Is the programme- in- programme capable of performing the functions of educating and entertaining the entire public?
  5. What is the effect of t he programme-in-programme on Nigeria youths?


The objective of this work include the following

  1. To show the significance of phone –in- programme in modern broadcasting.
  2. To determine the benefit derived by the station and its audience
  3. To identify the importance of phone-in –programme to the modern day journalist
  4. To stress the need for broadcasting station for sensitizing g electorates.
  5. To identify steps the steps to be taken to maintain the programme [phone-in-programme] in the station, most especially during its peak period.


The determination to achieve efficiency in broadcasting coupled with the desired of OSBC cha 32 UHF maintain its stand as the best broadcasting station in the south west of Nigeria has called for an empirical study of the station activities as for as the schedule progremme the electorates or voters is concern.

This project work is design to annals the effect of phone to which it affect broadcasting and the general audience will also be discuss.

Moreover, the research would give suggestion on how the objectives of a broadcasting house can be achieved through the designing or organization the type of unique progremme. It will analysis extensively the reaction of people to such programme, the component of a phone in proramme and function to serve as source of information to the general publics.

This project work will therefore be useful for both the student of mass communication in higher institution he general public at large to be aware and follow the footsteps of the broadcasting station particutirly OSBC chan2 UHF in knowing more facts about how to contribute to a programme that is on air, most especially the phone in programme in which audience will contribute and thereby have credible election at the end.

1.6 The Scope of Study

This study will be limited to Osun state Broadcasting Corporation Channel 32 UHF [OSBC] and also to find out the radio broadcast programmes the residents of this community listen to. Reasons are the researcher has to be thorough with the investigation to produce realistic results on how radio broadcast programs influence rural development. The population will include all adults irrespective of gender, educational status and religion as well as income level in these communities.

1.7 Operational definition of terms

RADIO- Radio is a medium that can be used to mobilize the rural dwellers and even urban dwellers for development purposes if effectively used.

BROADCAST PROGRAMMES- this is the practice of organizing and ordering of     broadcast media programmes (internet, television, radio, e.t.c) in a weekly, monthly, quarterly or season-long schedule

RURAL DEVELOPMENT -Rural development is a strategy that is designed to improve the economic and social conditions of a specific group of people, that is, the rural people. It involves extending the benefits of development to the poorest, among those who seek a livelihood in the rural areas.

DEVELOPMENT: This is seen as the multidimensional and radical changes and improvements at the social, economic, psychological and related dimensions.


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