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This work is aimed at ascertaining the impact of training and development of workers in industry, i.e knowing the extent to which training and development of workers productivity have reduce most of the problems encountered in the organization. The problem of inadequate training and development on the part of the management for a particular job and fining out steps for effective training and development. the research view that  by the era of this work, the importance of training and development to the organization will be known. The instrument used for data collection were made up of primary and secondary data, interview, journals, and methods of personnel interaction. The presentation of table. The population used was 200 people while 133 were the sample size. The researcher used simple percentage method in analyzing the data and this helps in analyzing the data and ascertaining the fact that training and development are effective tools in an organization because they can lead to high level of technical competence, hence should be encouraged in an organization.






The major issue here is the impact of training and development on workers productivity.

According to Chukwuemeka  (2015:3,7), in his first published text other functions of management (incisive approach) the most valuable assets of any organizations are employees. Hey can as well called human resources. Employees are the people who work for the organization. For employees better performance, the management organize a programme which is training and development as the method for enhancing the employees skills, increasing the individual and organizational performance, improving the employee morale and achieving the business growth and success. This programme improves employees knowledge, skills and ability all this acquire enable them to be more competence and effective with their job and this leads to an increase in their productivity.

This research work is aimed at finding out the impact of training and development towards workers performance and productivity with particular reference to lemon Nigeria Plc. In summary, training and development of workers are factors that influence productivity, effectiveness and performance in organization.

The historical background of lemon become the word called famous brand it is today.


Two young attorneys form Chattanooga, Tennessee believed they could build a business around lemon Nigeria Plc.


Recent, business organization has distressed, organization has plan, and the resulting strategy and continue survived is for these in development toward the workers productivity. Most especially on this question, How training and development does promotes the workers productivity. Training and development has been for obvious reasons depending on the motive and reason.


To identify some techniques of manpower, training and development.

To identityproblems, encountered in manpower training and development.

To proffer solution to the identified problems.

To find out the impact of training and development on workers productivity and performance.

To highlight the need for manpower training and development in the industry.


The findings of the study will aid the national industrial and social-economic policy makers to design potential, viable and implementative policies in training and development programme for workers in the country. The work will also take a national view of the training and development needs of Nigerian workers in terms of their skills attitude self comportment, efficiency, high quality production, reduction in labour turnover, industrial accidents wastages. The study will also add to the stock of existing knowledge on training and development of workers in Imo state


This research work seeks to answer the following research questions.

1        What is the impact of training and development on workers productivity and performance?

2        What are the factors that hinder effective and efficient training and development exercise?

3        What are the steps to effective training and development and also productivity?

4        What is the relaltionship between training and development and productivity?

5        to what extent should negative attitude of training of trainees effected to the train and development effort on cost and productivity?



This work is taking a single organizational out-look of lemon Nigeria Plc Owerri. The research restricts itself to examine and evaluating the impact of training and development on workers.


Training: Is a systematic process of changing the behaviour and attitudes of employees in a direction that will increase the achievement of organizations goals.

Development is he process by which an employee systematically transfers form one schedule to another in a deliberate effort in situation and acquisition of different experience.

Planning: It involves identifying and selecting appropriate  goals.

Skill: Skill is the ability to do work, the strength to be able ot do something very perfectly and expertly.

Productivity: It is a measure of efficiency of a person, machine, factory, system etc. in converting inputs into useful output.


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