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Olaniran—Ayedayin Francis. The
Significance, Meanings and Aesthetic
values of some Nigerian Army badges.
Master of Arts degree in Industrial
Design, January 1330, 82 pp., 52 Plates,
13 Reference Titles.
The problem this study is concerned with,
is the fact that in the Nigerian Army of
today, there are so many badges and insignia
in existence which are poorly designed, some
have no enough basic aesthetic values which
are inherent in good designs some even have
inscriptions in foreign languages on them!
Furthermore, the quick and very effective
communication which these badges are supposed
to accomplish in the Army, is either totally
missing or in low key, in some of them.
The purpose of the study is to evaluate
some badges in existence in the Nigerian
Army, with the view of finding out how the
aims for which they are made, are met and in
wha t degree.
The summative evaluation method was used
in this study. The yardstick with which the
badges under consideration were measured, is
the basic, universally accepted principles
and elements of design.
x i
The presence and the proportion in which
the elements are combined In the design of
the badges, were also considered in the
The researcher did not take the badges
under consideration out for public
evaluation, because the basic principles of
design can be well perceived by only highly
trained or artistic eyes. Being a ‘bornartist.
and also a highly trained graphic
artist, the researcher used the basic
p r i n c i p l e s and elements as considerations in
the evaluation of the badges.
From the analysis of data, it was found
out that many badges existing in the Nigerian
Army, need to be changed – thus the
researcher made an alternative well designed
b a d g e , for each of the badly designed ones in
It is however hoped that the suggested
a l t e r n a t i v e s , designed by the researcher, are
accepted and put into use by the Army – for
it is one thing to make a good suggestion and
recommendation and it is quite another thing,
for it to be accepted and implemented.


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