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The study investigates the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching and learning of English Language in Anambra secondary schools. Information communication technology (ICT) has no doubt changed the face of teaching and learning globally. The study observed that, though Anambra is also making efforts to join the ICT fray, these efforts appear to be ineffective. Anambra still experience a lag in its implementation due to general neglect and other factors, comprising corruption etc, and this continues to be the major challenge facing access to ICT-driven instructional aids facilities in most Anambra secondary schools. The study concludes that despite the roles ICT can play in English Language, Anambra schools are yet to extensively adopt them for teaching and learning. Efforts geared towards integration of ICT into the school system have not had much impact. Problems such as lack of Teachers’ Professional knowledge and technical know-how and poor information infrastructure militate against these efforts. The study recommends that efforts should be made by government to post and provide English language teachers skilled in ICTs to each school in Anambra State as to impact ICT skills to the students.


enthusiastic modern world. It will also help the teachers to develop online libraries through which useful educational books and materials can be accessed using the internet. The English language students will also be exposed to the uses of computer for information search and retrieval using the e-library or the internet (Cyber Cafe) which will foster their level of information literacy.

To school Administration

ICT is presently useful in administrative settings. Since the computer was designed to make our Job easier and lighter, its use and efficacy in administrative job execution is numerous ranging from teacher’s salary schedule computation to result computing system which drastically reduces the sufferings of the teachers and administrators.

To curriculum planners

ICT is presently a useful tool in promoting and enhancing qualitative curriculum planning. ICT tools are being used to determine the best input for the students so as to aid a reasonable learning outcome which will enhance the realization of the purpose and goal of English language programs.

1.5 Scope of Research

This research work “The Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Teaching and Learning of English Language” is limited to the three selected secondary schools which are Victory comprehensive secondary school Atani, Community Secondary school Atani and Ogbaru High school Ogbakuba all in Ogbaru LGA of Anambra State. The schools were covered with a particular reference to problems confronting ICT implementation in English language classes and its suggested solutions, administration of schools, their educational planning and implementation.

1.6 Research Questions

  1. To what extent is computer needed in teaching and learning of English language?
  2. To what extent does computer enhance the quality of English language teaching and learning?
  3. What is the usefulness of computer in school administration?
  4. What are the problems associated with the use of computer by secondary school students?
  5. What are the negative effect of computer usage in instruction and learning?
  6. What are the academic impacts of computer on secondary school students?


H1: The use of ICT in teaching and learning of English language will bring about positive change in secondary schools in Anambra State.

H0: The use of ICT in teaching and learning of English language will bring no change and positive influence to secondary schools in Anambra State.


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