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INTERNET: As global connection of computers sited around the world forming huge network for information to be shared and disseminated by many millions of people has done so well in information Technology and in education so to speak. Since the introduction of Value Added Network certain events force their existence. This allows man to help him and others. Virtual classroom and Text based E-learning cannot be an exception. Oftentimes students experience a lot of difficulty in the quest for basic knowledge from higher institution of their choice, not for the fact that the person doesn’t have resources to acquire them but the risk in traveling from the said institution wherever the person might be may pose problems in order to reduce these risks, satellite campuses were established but did not solve the problem of traveling out from one’s location to the said location in quest for knowledge. In this regard, IMT competes with a lot institution, this sometimes reduce the number of students enrolment in the school. To the above listed problems the system “Virtual classroom and Text based E-learning was designed.” With this, IMT will have thousands of student in which she doesn’t provide any accommodation or any structure for and still gain much ground economically and student all over the world suffer less in having any of IMT certificate.


This is designed that before anybody can participated must register. Students have free registration form but lecturers must provide their staff number that tally with their surnames before they have access to registration form. One month is giving to student to pay his/her school fees after registration to remove his/her name from the database.

This will go along way increasing student’s enrollment in the institution. The system has very security conscious software that resides in the server helping no one to crack or hack the program of manipulate it except those supposed.

Having seen and observed this system as a means economic increase and of benefit to students in an unprecedented scale. Indeed, this sounds interesting to my academic pursuit in Institute of Management and Technology. Perhaps this calls for implementation.



Title page

Approval page



Table of contents



1.0       INTRODUCTION     

1.1       Historical Background

1.2       Purpose of Study

1.3       Significance of Study

1.4       Scope of Study

1.5       Limitation of Study


2.0       Literature Review



3.0       System Methodology, Analysis & Design

3.1       Fact Finding

3.2       Analysis of Existing System

3.3       System Specification

3.4       System Design



4.0       System Implementation & Programming

4.1       System Implementation

4.2       Programming Language Used

4.3       System Documentation

4.4       Installation and Testing

4.5       Software and Hardware Specification



5.0       Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1       Summary

5.2       Conclusion

5.3       Recommendation


Appendix 1: Flow Chart

Appendix 2: Programs




Virtual Classroom and text based E-learning is a system designed to help students to gain access and acquired knowledge in any university of their choice. It can include; enhanced face-to-face instruction (on-campus, in-class use of computers and the World Wide Web (www)) enhanced distance education (on or off campus individual and group learning with both print and computer based materials) instruction entirely online (individual and group learning). Because of this mix virtual Classroom and text Based E-learning knowledge is moving towards every student being an e-learner at least for part of their study, whether this be through learning materials, e-mail for contacting teachers/tutors or submitting assignments, the web for doing research, language laboratories, or any one of the myriad other e-learning applications. Online learning refers to learning and other supportive resources that are available through a computer, and includes computer-based training, web-based training, computer-based instruction, and technology-based instruction. Online learning certainly provides a variety of approaches to old ways of sharing knowledge: traditional, classroom-based education and training; support to help workers perform their jobs; and materials that share organizational information and experience. The Virtual Classroom and text based E-learning use text messages to deliver information and data. Students or e-learners will be in their computer receiving lectures as if they are in classrooms. This has gone along way helping e-learners to acquire degree in the institution they have never seen.


This work is divided into two parts; the first part includes the preliminaries, while the second part is the main body.

The preliminary part comprises the title page, the approval page, dedication, acknowledgement, table of contents and the abstract. Then the bibliography and appendices were after chapter five. The main body was divided into five chapters.

CHAPTER ONE: This outlined the problem definition, the purpose of study, significance of study, scope, limitation of study, etc

CHAPTER TWO: This area reviewed the related literature, the research effort of other might not known to me was reviewed in order to expand the scope of the research accurately.

CHAPTER THREE: The chapter described and analyzed the system methodology and design, which specified the fact finding method used, analysis of existing system, system specification and design.

CHAPTER FOUR: This chapter talks about the system implementation and programming; which comprises of system implementation, system documentation, programming language used, installation and testing, software and hardware specification.

CHAPTER FIVE: This chapter discuss about the Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation of the project.



Comprehensively, the purpose of the study is to find possible solution to students who because of nearness to institute and are unable to acquire knowledge that they need.

Again to provide students easier way to acquire any of IMT certificates without being in the institute or with less difficulty.

Notwithstanding the fact that other institute who offer the same subjects as IMT exist, this will go along way reducing her competition with them. Since the system is virtual i.e. there will be no physical contact between students, their instructor and IMT, the problems structure is solved



The system is designed to allow information or data sharing between e-learners and their instructions. For any user to use the system very effectively he/she must possess primary knowledge on how to use any e-mail program and ability to type well because everything is based on what you can type or what have typed. The system is designed so user-friendly in which the user can freely access the lecture materials or ask to be sent. The system requires registration from any of the groups: Students, Lecturers and Administrative User. Each of which must register before continuing accessing the system.


The project is concerned with text base e-learning not visual e-learning, files that are transferable within the net should be in form of text file (*.txt), rich text files (*.rtf) of hypertext markup language files (*.htm).



I encountered a lot of problems while carrying out this research work; it wasn’t easy for me to get data relevant for this research. The most important I needed was courses IMT was doing. I requested that from different schools of which was told to go from department to department to collect them. Lastly, I was able to collect some from them and from IMT library. The project work is a tasking job, which demands enough time and commitment, but for the fact that I am combining it with other courses, it is not really easy based on the duration of activities and events involved in the work. Beside, much money is always committed to this to make a quality presentation as a result of in-depth study. Due to lack of funds to meet all resources and materials that are used, I have to make do with other activities while the process was going on.



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