Design and Implementation of a Computerized System for Monitoring Air Pollution (A Case Study of Dangote Cement Factory, Obajana)


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PROJECT TOPIC AND MATERIAL ON Design and Implementation of a Computerized System for Monitoring Air Pollution (A Case Study of Dangote Cement Factory, Obajana)

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Air pollution is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of Life
and the health of the increasingly urban population of Industrial society. In many
cities the air polluted by emission from the source such as cars and trucks, power
plant and manufacturing process, when gasses and particles from those activities
accumulates in the air in high enough concentrations, they can be harmful to
human health and environment. Often terrain and metrological condition
complicate air quality issues in the area. Although, there are some urban areas in
which no improvement has taken place.
Concentration of outdoor air pollutants vary from day – to – day and even
during the course of a day. For health protection the public need timely
information about air quality and other factor (e.g weather condition) that affect it.
An access to exposure when the pollutants concentration are high. This is
important particularly to people who are sensitive to certain pollutant harmful
effects. For example, people with Asthma may be sensitive to ground – Ozone and
Sulphur dioxide. The major motivation behind our study and development of the system is to help the government to device an indexing system to categories air
pollution in Obajana.
Like related to work to this is WAPMs which is use to enhance the situation of
being more flexible and timely. More over accurate data with indexing capabilities
will be able to obtain with WAPDMs.
The project is to build an air pollution system, so detection system for multiple
information is designed in this project. This project is build for low cost quick
response, Low maintenance and ability to produce continuous measurement.

In combating with air pollution is harmful to human health, it is possible to
describe the atmosphere as a very thin gaseous film, where all the meteorological
phenomena that regulate the human life, occur filed with great diversity of
The major problem relating to air pollution in Obajana includes:
1. The emission of carbon Dioxides (CO2) from trucks and cars, it is one of
the major gas pollutants in the atmosphere.
2. Nitrogen Oxide (NO2):- They come mainly from Nitrogen base fertilizer,
cement factory, deforestation and Biomass burning. These gasses are
responsible in the formation of both acid and photochemical smog and
cause Nitrogen Loading. These gas have the role in reducing stratosphere
3. Sulfur Dioxide (SO2):- Is produced by the combination of sulfur –
containing fuel, such as coal and fuel oils. SO2 also produce in the
process of producing sulfuric acid and in metallurgical process involving
Ores that contain sulfur. Sulfur oxides can injure man, plant and

The aim of this project work is to design A system for monitoring air
pollution in Obajana. The Objective of the project include
1. Use of sensor device
2. Use of VB.Net in creating the software
i. Use of Sensor Device: This is the place at a spot in other to
capture/monitor the polluted air before the software can read and record
ii. VB.Net: is an application package used in designing program

The significant of this study is to design a system for monitoring air
pollution in Dangote cement factory in Obajana that would provide information
concerning the air pollution on a daily basis and this information would be useful
i. People inside the factory
ii. People outside the factory i.e Obajana community
iii. Material/Equipment inside the factory
iv. Material, Plant and Animal in Obajana Community

The scope of this project is to design a workable easy to use and reliable
software use to monitor Air Pollution for Dangote cement factory and Obajana
The Delimitation of the research encounter is the cost of wireless sensor device
and the project will be implemented using stimulating approach whereby the
pollution offices will collect data from a sensor device input it into the software,
then it will represent the total average of polluted air and Total Average of pure air

i. COMPUTER: – Computer can be define as an electronic device capable of
accepting data (impute) process the data under a set of instruction and produce
the result (output) and finally store the data if need be.
ii. SOFTWARE: – Is a set of instruction use to acquire input and manipulate them
to produce the desired output in terms of function and performance as
determine by the uses of the software. Or software can be define as a collection
of computer program, procedure rules and associated documentation and data.
iii. DATABASE: – A database is an organized collection of related data.
iv. HARDWARE: – Is the physical component of the computer system which we
can see, touch and feel.
v. VISUAL DISPLAY UNIT:- Is the screen of the monitor inform of (TV)
Television screen
vi. VB.Net:- Is the application package use in designing software/program
vii. WEATHER FORECAST SOFTWARE:- Is an application software that show
the weather of countries and states and basically in degree centigrade OC
viii. REAL TIME:- A computer that give immediate result of the processed data
ix. FULE:- An aggregation of data on a storage device indentified by a name
x. PROGRAM:- Is a series of instruction that is given to the computer.


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